Okay. I don't get it.
18 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
All I could think at the end was, "Okay. I don't get it." But I will still try to make a modicum of sense out of it, just for you.

Let me say here, in case you don't feel like reading further: Don't watch this movie if you haven't already done so. Find something better to view. ("Message from the King" isn't half-bad.)

My understanding of this film:

The control freak meets his soulmate. She loves him but she wants to tame his OCD-ness. She will poison him over and over, with his permission, until he is (my rendering of her words) "flat on his back, gentle and needing her again."

Ugh. Ever since "My Beautiful Launderette" I have loved Daniel Day-Lewis and enjoyed his masterful acting. Even though "Last of the Mohicans" was absolutely cringe-worthy, it was fun to watch Day-Lewis running through the forests, lugging that ancient flintlock musket (or flintlock rifle or whatever it was), brown curls flying. Wow. That was something. My Left Foot, Room with a View, Lincoln, etc. All of his great performances over the years . . . And now we have this piano-tinkling, violin- downer music codswallop?

As always, Day-Lewis is riveting. The storyline is somewhat intriguing, too-----until you realize the whole thing is about this Alma chick not getting the attention she needs. She will not be tossed aside. She suddenly has the inspiration and means to bring this great artist to his knees. We learn how she is going to give him near-death experiences and settle his hash and thereby win his love.

Bah. Shame on her. She is not a muse, she's a low-life jealous ninny. Jealous of his talent and artistry. And she tells us she will find him throughout the ages, no matter where he is. What? And make him miserable over and over again, in those many lifetimes? And he goes along with this? What a bunch of tripe.
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