Zootopia (2016)
One of the BEST Disney films I've seen in a while!
18 February 2018
When I first heard about this movie back in late 2015, I was kind of interested in seeing it in 2016. I knew NOTHING and I mean nothing about what this movie was going to be about! I stayed away from some trailers and I wanted to experience this movie myself and I was ABSOLUTELY touched by this movie! Zootopia is a fantastic film that has breath taking animation, AMAZING characters and a very clever story! I absolutely LOVE this movie! I love Judy Hoops and Nick Wilde who are both played by Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman! These are a great example of characters in animated movies! These two characters weren't your average Dreamworks movie characters, these characters were VERY well written and very mature! I also loved Idris Elba as Chief Bogo. His character was also very well written and mature. In fact, this entire movie brings great and mature messages for both kids and adults! Certain things that happen in Zootopia deal with everyday crimes, segregation and racism, even some signs of drug use in this film! Yeah and I mentioned that this was a Disney movie! Zootopia is not only a Disney film that kids can enjoy, the entire family will have a blast watching this movie and to be honest, adults might enjoy this film more than the kids! Zootopia surprised every single body part inside of me and this is definitely a film that will become a Disney masterpiece and a classic as time goes on and a film that EVERYONE can watch and have fun with and i'm gonna give Zootopia a 10/10!
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