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Mute (II) (2018)
Totally Disappointed
24 February 2018
I've been waiting all 2017 for this movie with a picture of Paul Rudd with mustache expecting for a great movie, and I'm completely disappointed, everything in this movie is bad, the story, the script, the characters, the ambient, and the movie is extremely slow and tedious.

The history is weak and repeated, the woman dramatically says "You don't know who I am" and we have our movie, I'm tired of this poor resource about the mystery of the poor girl.

The script is weak, the characters are poorly written with silly and exaggerated dialogues, many useless scenes lengthen the film that supposed to have 1 hour and 10 minutes, the fact that the character is mute don't complement anything in the history of the film, and his motivations are too exaggerated for such events.

The Acting was supposed to save the movie but the characters are so poorly written that it even harms the acting, they sell the movie as the face of Paul Rudd but it's Alexander Skarsgård who is the protagonist here, and he don't do anything new, I've seen this character so many times and he is that hero character who will do everything to rescue the maiden, used in the most linear way possible. Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux (Leftovers) are great actors, but their characters who are the best in the movie are still very poor, especially the character of Justin Theroux who starts well and gets worse every second without stopping.

And neither the visual of the movie saves it, enough of this Blade Runner copying, they don't know how to do different as if the city was forced to be wet every day, there is no future other than the wet one, and guess what, just not even rained in that place. The big city is always night there is no morning in that place, and when they leave the city it's that as if the future had only arrived in one place in particular and in the rest of the world is banned to ride a flying car.
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