Review of Untamed

Untamed (1929)
Polished but overlong; fun to watch young Crawford and Montgomery
9 April 2018
Yet another one of those late 1920s - early 1930s "a poor man cannot possibly marry a rich woman because everyone will think he's doing it for her money only" movies. It's a bit of inconsequential trivia, and overlong to boot (85 minutes), but it's fun to watch a young, beautiful Joan Crawford as a fiery Latin America wildcat - cum - New York society girl, and Robert Montgomery already shows in this early role why he was one of the best leading men of his era. The film does feature one sequence that I've never seen before: an impromptu boxing match (complete with ring and bell) in the middle of a high-society party! And although the ending is predictable, the means by which we get there are not. ** out of 4.
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