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Shrek (2001)
Why can't this movie get a solid 8?
17 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Shrek is an excellent introduction to beloved animated franchise. The characters are amazing, it's funny and not just because of one character, but all the characters get a good one liner. It's comically romantic in it's own way. It's not too sappy, but it makes us think. It can revive a used moral exceptionally. Shrek can provide the most efficient ways of character development (Which all the good movies also provide). Also, it has such a good story, that you can you relive the good moments in a good sequel (Shrek 2). Shrek is designed in an interesting way because he is not meant to be changed when he changes his ways (Beauty and the Beast), his role is to learn to open up to people just the way he is because they can open up to him too. He is not afraid of who he is, he begins to accept it and moves on with his life. Instead of saying "Another day in the swamp, oh look the villagers are here", he tries to have fun with them by truly scaring them away. Shrek accepts who he is and how people see him, but when he meets Donkey and Fiona, he learns that not only can he accept himself, but others can like him or love him too. Donkey's development is not designed to just have Shrek the ogre grow to like him, but it's also for Donkey to get out of the opinion that he's annoying, and to start thinking that he can be loved too, which also how Donkey and Shrek relate to each other. In the end, Dragon loves Donkey just the way he is. Unlike Shrek who is constantly pushing him away. Although Donkey is the comedic strong point in this movie with his pop culture references and just his laugh out loud jokes, Shrek gets a good amount of funny lines in the movie too. Now, Fiona has the best development next t Shrek, her story is mentioned in the beginning of the movie which allows Shrek to get an idea of her ("I read it in a book once".). She is revealed while still kept a secret ("she had an enchantment upon her of a fearful sort"). At first, she grows a mindset of true love as anyone who is willing to save you, and then believe it's anyone who is willing to save you while still taking the time to get to know you, which Shrek does. Imagine, if Lord Farquaad's men wen't to save her, she would just instantly fall in love with him because she would learn nothing about true love. This is a vulnerable stage that is seen many times in people where they don't feel loved and will fall in love with the first person they see. Fiona then learns a life lesson about what love really is. The last main character Lord Farquaad seems pretty general (someone who will do anything for a position of power), but it is different as he is really the only air but is a Lord instead of a King. He is someone who is the closest position to get what he wants, but still can't get it. In the end, Shrek has it's funny moments, it's thoughtful moments and great animation and should definitely be worthy of an 8.
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