Maya Bazaar (1957)
Maya Bazaar - One Of The Greatest Indian Films !
1 June 2018
What a film this is. This is one of the greatest ever Indian films, if not " The greatest Indian film " without any doubt.

K.V.Reddy Garu did an outstanding job as a director. Screenplay is extraordinary. The way the story is executed is excellent.

The cinematography is simply outstanding.

NTR Garu, ANR Garu, Savitri Garu are simply superb in the lead roles. S.V.Ranga Rao Garu's performance is outstanding. All the remaining actors & actresses are superb too.

The special effects in the film are excellent and are really surprising as this one is produced way back in the 1950s.

Finally, this film is just " OUTSTANDING " & everyone should watch this for sure.
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