A Mobster movie with a lot of Drama
4 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I have watched a lot of Mobster movies and they all seem to have a "rags to riches" or "rise to glory" plots and let us not forget all the action. Act of Contrition help puts into a perspective of when a Mob Organization has been at the top of ruling the world for years wonders when it all ends!! well this movie has it!!! Joe Estevez performance was awesome, and his character help in reminding us dwell in the past, will only hurt later in the future. Act of Contrition is not a typical mobster movie is why I like this movie, it was different from all the others, and it has a great story, there were times I felt watching I was there, being involved with the all the characters. I will definitely add Act of Contrition, to my collection of Mob movies. If it's not in yours it should be!!!
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