Judge Priest (1934)
A light dose of Will Rogers humor
25 June 2018
Will Rogers spread his humor across America during the height of the Great Depression. Rogers was a comedian, storyteller, actor, poet, writer and all around performer from Oklahoma. He traveled across the country, appeared on stage and performed on the radio. Rogers's homespun common sense humor registered with folks everywhere.

One sees that in full flower in "Judge Priest." Rogers stars as a small town Southern judge named Priest, who presides over local justice. John Ford directed the film. The plot is very light, and the film gives a look at the culture of the time and place. In modern times, some might cry, "stereotyping" for potdrayal of the African-Americans.

"Judge Priest" has some light humor with a look at the lingering affections of loyalty in the Confederacy well after the Civil War. But, the film doesn't have great comedy and otherwise is quite light.
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