Leave no Trace - A Film-maker's Film and the Work of Genius.
3 July 2018
Indi documentary film based on a novel.

Oscar worthy performance from Ben Foster, whose character is the father, struggling with PTSD. The beginning sets up the relationship between him and the daughter character. They follow a simple life, in the harsh forest environment, isolated from society, foraging for food, living completely outside of society.

They also lead a nomadic existence but are eventually discovered by the authorities and brought in for psychological questioning. Later they encounter random strangers who offer many forms of assistance.

Humanity is a strong theme throughout the film. The father makes all the life choices for them both, this causes some mild conflict but he knows that eventually his daughter will contemplate her own direction. In the end she makes a difficult decision.

This is an alternative lifestyle film that may cause you to contemplate your own life choices. A film-maker's film and the work of genius.
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