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Blame (I) (2017)
This is how one goes about composing a screenplay...
5 July 2018
Weaving a tale, putting together a story, whatever the terminology or medium, this is an apotheosis of a nice blender drink mixed with a lot of pulp juicy fruits and veggies and all that good stuff that make for a nice blend of fun characters. I just loved how it did not try to force anything down our throats, when it chilled back it was fun, when it pumped it up it was neat, when drama hit the page it was intriguing, and the climacteric was very very interesting all interlarded with super-stylistic witty repartee and an incredible ending that pulsed deeply rooted to its super universal thematic undercurrent. But what I really loved the most is how I expected at some point to go over the top with the style but no, the writing stayed true to the characters, no one got too witty or one idiot suddenly became Einstein, no, it just kept true but incredibly ingenious and all together a fun ride, I would say this is a seminal piece of work that needs to be studied, especially when we delve into teen characters there seems to be some lamo formulaic I'm the bully you are the defunct victim, and you are the obligatory dumb bitch and I am this and that is that and the teacher is this... no, this said, wait a minute, why? Lets just do what feels good and rock the page and Quinn Shephard, (Its really hard to believe that a thespian can work the page like this but give props where props are due) This was remarkable and should be lauded... high praises, for teen flicks should be fun and throwing caution to the wind and terrific and attempting to entertain in a really fun way, there are so many ancillary characters that can add different flavors, and this attempted something new and it came out with flying colors , excellent on a universal level , lets hope Quinn will lend her pen to many many more scripts in the future god knows screenplays can afford to be way more fun and interesting!

(The scene with the teacher and the student without dialogue and only music, well I have never seen anything like that - and it was truly what film is all about, using camera, music, the thespians in a way to produce art at its finest!)
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