Awful and boring.
23 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
One of the most boring and on the whole, one of the most awfully written movies ever made, I am surprised how "Phantom Thread" is in the 2017's top 10 list of National Board of Review. It feels like a completely typical period piece that was done to death and felt like it was trying hard to get nominated for Oscars. In simple words, it is just "try hard" movie that was simply made for being nominated because it looks so different than other ones. Daniel Day-Lewis and Vicky Krieps have given a very good performance, can't take anything away from them. The characterization given to Day-Lewis was not bad, but at the same not something that we have not seen before. And, Krieps's character is obviously the polar opposite of what Day-Lewis's character is. The way they fall in love is done very abruptly. And, during that and after that, all the movie does is repetition. A whole lot of plotlines are simply showing their polarizing characters and just that. Then, we don't know why but Krieps poisons Day-Lewis kind of like to .... develop some romance, I guess. Then, after that plotline is over, we get the repetition ..... again! Then towards the end, he agrees to get poisoned because that's the only way he can be with her, because he is some sort of a terrible stubborn ..... I think. It doesn't sound so bad, but it's done quite horribly. During all the repetitions, a brief character development of Lesley Manville's character is there. Otherwise, until towards the end, at the point where I stopped caring about this movie, we get literally no character development whatsoever. It was the same thing in a slightly different situation. The storytelling is very very poor. The only merits are the performances of the lead actors, the production and costume design. Else, nothing is redeeming about this movie. I still have an opinion that "The Shape of Water" is the worst best picture ever. But it wasn't the worst nominee in that category. Guess which one was? Yup. "Phantom Thread". In short, it's a ridiculous period piece and a ridiculous romantic movie that doesn't even have the most generic romance.

Score : 2.1/10

Grade : E+

Label : Will forget after you watched it once
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