Hotel Artemis (2018)
LOVED this movie!!!
29 September 2018
From the soundtrack, to every moment of each actor on-screen, LOVED it.

Seriously, there was not one actor that was off. I fell in love with Dave Bautista's character (and it was great to see him out of GOTG makeup). I knew he was pretty good in other things, but this role just fit him so well. Jodie Foster was fantastic. So much so, in fact, that I wondered whether she actually moves like she did in the film, in real life. Sofia Boutella is just gorgeous, and I really liked that her action scenes were fantastically choreographed, without being over the top (say, as the scenes with Theron in Atomic Blonde which were just a little much). Sterling K. Brown brought a depth of character I had not seen before from him, and Jeff Goldblum ... well, is there really any role he's played where he's not a favorite?

As for the premise? Why NOT? In most 'futuristic' movies one must stretch to suspend belief in order to be carried into it. This one was really not that far off, so it was easy to believe from the get-go.

I think, based just upon one watch, that it has gained a place among my top ten movies of all time, and the fact that it only scored a 6.2 on IMDB BAFFLES me.
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