Watership Down (2018– )
Great Adaptation
23 December 2018
While nothing can quite live up to the original book and movie, this adaptation gets about as close to it as it can with what they have. Given that it's a Netflix show, the animation tended to be mediocre to alright at best. However, they use it to their advantage in many places, such as the scenes depicting Fiver's visions, which are very surreal and well done. The voice cast is absolutely stellar, no complaints there. The story stuck closely to the original novel, omitting some parts that may have slowed down the story. The violence is toned down a bit, which would normally be a downside, however there is still enough violence to stay true to the novel without being completely traumatizing to new watchers. There is no shying away from blood and fighting like there was in the TV remake from the 90s, but there wasn't excessive and unrealistic gore like in the original movie. Overall I would have to say that if there is a way to do a good job at a remake, this is it. It's violent, emotional, and sticks closely to the main story while accommodating for its limited screen time and budget, and for that, I have to give it ten stars.
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