Holiday High School Reunion (2012 TV Movie)
Truly Flawless
24 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a RIOT! Do you like Pretty in Pink, A Cinderella Story, Mean Girls, Sybil, United States of Tara, Romy and Michele's HS Reunion and 20 minute musical numbers? This movie gave us everything we wanted: romance, drama, scandal, mystery. It was so raw that the main character's name was Jordan at first but then magically turned to Georgia a third into the movie. Kind of like the movie title, because you will mostly find this in the US under "A Christmas Crush."

Ready to take a trip down memory lane? Well get prepared, because 75% of this movie is a flashback. This is where you learn not only is Georgia maybe struggling to make it on her own as fashion designer in LA, but might be struggling with a bit of dissociative fugue or some type of mental health problem.

The movie starts out (after a too avant-garde modeling shoot) with "Georgia" on the phone talking to her mom who tried to hook her up with her hot cousin Robert who she thought was adopted, so I guess they made out or something. Once you get out of the shock of that, you will open your eyes to see Ms. Georgia is back in her hometown for Christmas when she learns of her 10 year reunion. She was voted most likely to succeed and head of the cheerleading squad for Preston HS and an (all soprano quartet?) glee club.

Her old best friends, Tory, Katie and the only sweet one, Heather, come in and really throw things out of whack. I understand that Tory is the villain in this movie and she actually does suck, but can you really blame her? She gets suspicious when Georgia starts telling all of these lies and zoning out to smile for no reason about ANOTHER flashback. Tory is trying to sabotage Georgia and her quest to get back with her ex, Craig. However, Georgia is a pathological liar, so is Tory really that unreasonable? Whatever reason, Ben (old male bff, obviously in the closet) is super forgiving, but I think he's suspicious of Georgia too.

Georgia has this really weird creepy thing about this ex-boyfriend and she packs a picture frame with them together to cuddle with at night back at home. I think he and Tory was the trigger for her PTSD you later learn. Her best friend Ben (Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls) is the only regular character you will like, except for Craig's hot best friend who loves Heather. Georgia is friend zoning Ben pretty hard and he's like UGH F ME plz, just get over that loser Craig and love me.

You will meet Georgia's disappointed father for three minutes and never hear of see from him again. He is a good 95% his daughter is truly an idiot and we can't really blame him.

Once you get to the high school, the movie setting will never change. They are just running in and out of this high school. You will see Georgia's dress get dirtier and dirtier throughout the movie. I think it's supposed to be metaphorical for her coming out of a facade and truly being yourself. Craig throws a football into the punch bowl and immediately ruins the dress, she steals a long cardigan out of a locker, forgives Craig for ruining her dress, rolls around in the football field screwing her dress up even more. She also teepees the principal's office (despite that it might not be the same principal they remember) and you almost for get these people are nearly 30. It really brings the child out of you.

The musical numbers though. Georgia messes most of them up, but also get nice and comfortable. You will be serenaded for at least 15 minutes through the FIVE WILD musical breaks they have prepared. You can tell these actresses are vocally trained and definitely were born to dance. These were just absolutely jaw-dropping, show-stopping performances, especially Georgia's mental breakdown cheer/hip-hop performance at the end.

Trying to wrap this up in case there are character limits. By the end of the movie you will really hate Georgia, but feel inspired to get your head checked out, understand that Tory really does suck, but still is kind of reasonable for thinking Georgia sucks. Ben, Heather and weird ex-bf bff's are the only ones you will like. Craig is a total tool AND DOESN'T EVEN REMEMBER DATING GEORGIA FOR 15 MINUTES before "falling in love with her again" and ending up terrible. Her mother is just as weird, definitely on benzos (apple doesn't fall too far from the tree). Katie, the other best friend sexually harasses their old teacher until he gives into her. She makes the teacher at one moment tell her the formulas in the Periodic Table and she sits there and orgasms over it. I wish I could go into more detail for when you meet Ben's INSANE intern, Brooke, but that's something you need to experience for yourself.

They really outdid themselves. Please get on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Instant Video and fully get engaged to this movie. You will not regret it.
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