Holiday High School Reunion (2012 TV Movie)
Erratic and Mildly Irritating
8 January 2019
19 November 2017. There's something off about this movie. The two principals in this movie come across as juvenile adults who seem to have forgotten that they are in their late twenties. The female lead seems almost an airhead, oblivious to the feelings and emotions around her, with her apparent memories leading her biological attraction into blind love which isn't really inviting to experience on the screen. The football jock is actually a much more substantive, layered character who is given an awful line much out of character for his last parting shots. The editing and the scene selection at times is less than stellar making the movie's tone erratic. The inclusion of some other pretty dumb characters, typical of low-brow movies doesn't help either. Either way, this predictable comedy romance doesn't really cover any new ground nor that appealing a storyline line as directed. Watch only if you're really bored or have nothing else to do. The script just seems to include too many manipulative scenes, interruptions that make the story seem too unbelievable and artificial. It's not a terrible movie, it's just that there are better ones out there during the Holidays to watch.
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