Review of Hazel

Hazel (1961–1966)
Good Show...
23 January 2019
"Hazel" is a good, old school, innocent and clean t.v. sitcom. While totally plot predictable it still manages to entertain. Of course, Shirley Booth carried the show with good support from Don Defoe and Witney Blake. Especially appreciated is that unlike in today's sitcoms kids are respectful & obedient and not smart mouthed brats who have wise remark for everything an adult says. I once read that Shirley Booth was criticized for taking on a t.v. sitcom after having been an established actress and Oscar winner (in the days when Oscars were moreso awarded for acting vs. diversity or politics). The pundits thought that she "lowered" herself doing t.v. Booth expressed an Hazel-esque attitude in effect saying, "so what!? It's a study acting job, people like the show and I'm getting a good, study salary."
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