Deeply moving
22 April 2019
So this is what the Song of Ice and Fire is all about, why it's so much better than many other franchises: Characterization.

All the fighting and killing is worth nothing if the characters suck. These characters shine. This episode, we were given one final big breather before the fighting and killing starts again. We don't know who will survive. But we were all given a long moment in the calm before the storm with all those wonderful characters - so we know what we will have lost with each and every one of them who will not make it out of the next episode. This was a deeply moving episode, getting better every minute, and just as if I was being there in Winterfell myself I was feeling the army of the dead coming closer until...

I do so much hope this will end well. In some way or another. Kudos to everyone involved in this show, the constant feeling of dread I'm having watching this show does not change the fact that it's simply excellent. And the pacing is wonderful - now only four to go...
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