Family Guy: Girl, Internetted (2019)
Season 17, Episode 19
Meg, NOOOOOO! Don't do it, Meg!
9 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
What's this? Another bad episode of Family Guy? OH BOY! Holy cow! Holy...okay, ya know what? Let's just get this crap over with please? I'm not offended, but I'm deeply disappointed and disgusted. Meg got the attention she deserves, but in a BAD way. How? It is because she ends up getting fat by eating to much food in order to get high ratings from internet viewers. Brian and Stewie got an SUV and as usual, Brain still acts like an arrogant, obnoxious jerk of a mutt. Well, I did get a good laughs from the episode and Sam Elliott is in it, but I'm still disgusted by Meg's ugly, nasty obesity. This episode isn't the worst, it is not as bad as April in Quahog and when I call Girl, Internetted "bad", I didn't mean bad as in "cringeworthy bad" What I meant to say was....meh. It could've been worst. So consider this episode...meh. I give Girl, Internetted a 6.3/10
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