The Handmaid's Tale (2017– )
Should've been a mini-series.
12 June 2019
The source material, by Atwood, was a mere 300 pages. The first season of this show was a brilliant adaptation of her work. The continuation into seasons 2 and 3 feels forced. Similar to GOT, when the source material runs out the plot grinds to a halt and the show becomes unidimensional and repetitive. If I have to endure another longing stare of scorn and disgust from Elizabeth Moss I might just gouge my eyes out. Although the political undertones of the show may appear to be on the surface relatable, the show fails to explain the giant leaps in logic and relies too heavily on the rhetoric that the religious right is trying to drag us back to the Middle Ages. The men of Giliad are basically straw men with not a hint of moral complexity. We get it. The "patriarchy" is evil and women have been victims up until about 60 years ago. This show is about as depressing as my Facebook newsfeed during election season. I think this should've been a one and done mini-series.
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