The Handmaid's Tale (2017– )
Empty and slow
24 June 2019
I love sci-fi and stories about a dystopian future, but this show just isn't very good.

I don't think I'm saying anything groundbreaking here, but if you are a writer creating a brand new fantasy or sci-fi universe, it's the little details that matter. If you leave them out, your world will appear lifeless and the reader or viewer won't feel that it's real, breaking the immersion. We see very little of this world to begin with and what we do see doesn't really make any sense, making it a huge nonsense, even if you're trying to symphatize with the story and the protagonist.

It also doesn't help if you're trying to inflate a short novel into several seasons without any interesting ideas. It's so slow that you can practically do your chores while watching it, I guarantee you're not going to miss anything even if you take a peek at the screen once every 5 minutes. I could only get through 4 episodes and eventually started working instead, that makes a lot more sense than wasting my time on a story that goes nowhere.

My third big problem with the show is the main actress (coincidentally also one of the producers), who doesn't really fit this role and is genuinely unlikeable. I don't really get her characters' motivations either, her actions seem to be all over the place and it's extremely confusing. Of course, this could all be on purpose, but shouldn't there be at least one person in the story you can identify with or root for?
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