Review of Immortal

Law & Order: Immortal (2010)
Season 20, Episode 21
Exploited beyond belief
19 July 2019
This Law And Order story starts out with the stabbing of one cousin by another in a family dispute. But when Jeremy Sisto and Anthony Anderson investigate further the story is beyond belief.

Both cousins had a grandfather who apparently had magic DNA in his cells. Not as magic Michael Clarke Duncan had in The Green Mile, but the code in that DNA might be the cure for---everything.

The family still at the old homestead in the New Jersey woods lives below the poverty level. Some pharmaceutical has been making money, billions off them for years.

Rapper Doug E. Doug is our defendant and he's ably defended by Seth Gilliam. One of the witnesses is PI Jacinto Taras Riddick who is a mean one, a former cop who got kicked off the force for brutality. No doubt about that when you see him in action.

It's a tough case for Linus Roache and your sympathy ain't with the DA in this one.
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