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1. Jani Zhao

Actress | Sentimentos

Jani Zhao was born on October 19, 1992 in Leiria, Portugal. She is known for her work on Sentimentos (2009), Coração d'Ouro (2015) and Rebelde Way (2008).

2. Renato Alexandre Ferreira

Self | Fazer a Diferença

Renato Alexandre Ferreira was born on March 10, 1999 in Leiria , Leiria , Portugal. He is an actor, known for Fazer a Diferença (2020) and Voltas (2020).

3. António-Pedro Vasconcelos

Director | Jaime

António-Pedro Vasconcelos was born on March 10, 1939 in Leiria, Portugal as António Pedro Saraiva de Barros e Vasconcelos. He is a director and writer, known for Jaime (1999), Os Imortais (2003) and Call Girl (2007). He has been married to Teresa Schmidt since 1975. They have one child. He was ...

4. Bruno Carnide

Producer | Fled. Lay. Fell.

Born at 16th June of 1987, Leiria, Bruno Rafael Duarte Carnide soon developed a deep passion for design which has, recently, taken him into the discovery of cinema, animation, photography and fashion. All this along with the will of organizing events. After six years studying informatics at ESTG, ...

5. João Silva

Actor | Quer o Destino

João Silva was born on November 12, 1993 in Leiria , Leiria , Portugal. He is an actor, known for Quer o Destino (2020).

6. António Campos

Director | Histórias Selvagens

António Campos was born on May 29, 1922 in Leiria, Portugal as Antônio Romão de Sousa Campos. He was a director and writer, known for Wild Stories (1978), Terra Fria (1992) and O Rio Liz (1957). He died on March 8, 1999 in Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

7. Jorge Mourato

Actor | Bem-Vindos a Beirais

Jorge Mourato was born on June 21, 1974 in Leiria, Portugal. He is an actor, known for Bem-Vindos a Beirais (2013), Maré Alta (2004) and Desliga a Televisão (2019). He has been married to Sara Rico since March 2010. They have one child.

8. Pedro Neves

Producer | Tarrafal

Pedro Neves was born in Leiria in 1977. He graduated in Communication Science, did a post graduate course in Documentary (2002) and a masters in Culture and Communications, specialising in Documentary, where he wrote a dissertation about the documentation of the April Revolutionary years, in Porto ...

9. Maria Domingas

Actress | João Ratão

Maria Domingas was born on October 1, 1921 in Alcobaça, Leiria, Portugal. She is an actress, known for João Ratão (1940), Lobos da Serra (1942) and Bola ao Centro (1947).

10. Maria Hernâni

Actress | Conexão

Maria Hernâni was born on August 25, 1945 in Leiria, Portugal. She is an actress, known for Conexão (2009), Cats Don't Have Vertigo (2014) and Tudo Por Amor (2002).

11. José de Sá Caetano

Writer | Um S Marginal

Studied cinema in London, and worked for BBC TV before returning to Portugal and starting a movie project of his own.

12. Jorge De Silva

Cinematographer | Reflexo

Jorge De Silva is a Photographer & Filmmaker born on the 5th of November 1985 in Portugal. Jorge discovered his passion for images around the age of 14, playing with old film and video cameras, making small short-movies for fun with friends. At the age of 17, Jorge left school to pursue his dream. ...

13. Armando Venâncio

Actor | Verão Quente

Armando Venâncio was born on September 5, 1925 in Marinha Grande, Leiria, Portugal as Armando Toscano Venâncio. He is an actor, known for Verão Quente (1993), Contos e Vigários (1986) and Cinzas (1992).

14. Alberto Villar

Actor | Operação Dinamite

Alberto Villar was born on November 2, 1933 in Leiria, Portugal. He is an actor and producer, known for Operação Dinamite (1967), O Rosto da Europa (1994) and A Hora da Liberdade (1999). He was previously married to Lisette Frias.

15. Miguel Franco

Actor | Domingo à Tarde

Miguel Franco was born on April 14, 1918 in Leiria, Portugal as Lino Miguel Franco. He was an actor and writer, known for Sunday Afternoon (1966), Filme muito breve: Miguel Franco (1918-1988) (2019) and A Fuga (1978). He died in 1988.

16. Maria João Bahia

Self | Toma Lá, Dá Cá

Maria João Bahia was born on March 25, 1962 in Leiria, Portugal. She has been married to António Maria de Mello Silva César e Menezes since July 30, 1988. They have three children.

17. Belo Marques

Composer | Chikwembo!

Belo Marques was born on January 25, 1898 in Leiria, Portugal as José Belo Marques. He was a composer and producer, known for Chikwembo! (1953), A Rosa do Adro (1938) and As Pupilas do Senhor Reitor (1961). He died on March 27, 1987 in Sobral de Monte Agraço, Lisbon, Portugal.

18. José Hermano Saraiva

Writer | Passos em Volta de Camões

José Hermano Saraiva was born on October 3, 1919 in Leiria, Portugal. He was a writer and actor, known for Passos em Volta de Camões (1980), Horizontes da Memória (1996) and Histórias Que o Tempo Apagou (1994). He was married to Maria de Lourdes de Bettencourt de Sá Nogueira. ...

19. Isabel Lopes

Actress | Fim de Estação

Isabel Lopes was born on March 5, 1958 in Leiria, Portugal. She is an actress, known for Fim de Estação (1982).

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