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1. Ozzie Virgil

Self | 1983 National League Championship Series

Ozzie Virgil was born on December 7, 1956 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico as Osvaldo Jose (Lopez) Virgil.

2. J.C. Romero

Self | 2002 American League Championship Series

J.C. Romero was born on June 4, 1976 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico as Juan Carlos Romero.

3. Margarita Freeman-Areizaga

Margarita Freeman-Areizaga was born on October 23, 1958 in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. She has been married to Anthony Freeman since August 13, 2000. They have four children.

4. Camilo Delgado

Actor | Strangers in the City

Camilo Delgado was born on May 29, 1927 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was an actor, known for Strangers in the City (1962), Fantasía... 3 (1966) and Milagro de amor (1960). He was married to Diana Santiago. He died on February 8, 2005 in San Juan.

5. Lorena Xtravaganza

Lorena Xtravaganza was born on October 14, 1986 in Puerto Rico as Lorena Escalera. She died on May 12, 2012 in New York, New York, USA.

6. José Vidro

Self | Sunday Night Baseball

José Vidro was born on August 27, 1974 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico as José Angel Vidro Cetty.

7. Carlos Delgado

Self | The Legacy of 21

Carlos Delgado was born on June 25, 1972 in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico as Carlos Juan Delgado Hernandez. He has been married to Betzy Garcia since December 2, 2005. They have two children.

8. Javier Valentin

Self | Sunday Night Baseball

Javier Valentin was born on September 19, 1975 in Manati, Puerto Rico as Jose Javier (Rosario) Valentin.

9. Javier Vazquez

Self | 2004 American League Championship Series

Javier Vazquez was born on July 25, 1976 in Ponce, Puerto Rico as Javier Carlos Vázquez. He has been married to Kamille Rodriguez since November 14, 1998. They have two children.

10. José Hernández

Signed by the Texas Rangers as an amateur free agent in 1987. Hit .254 with 159 home runs and 563 RBIs in 1408 games for the Rangers (1991), Cleveland Indians (1992, 2005), Chicago Cubs (1994-1999, 2003), Atlanta Braves (1999), Milwaukee Brewers (2000-2003), Colorado Rockies (2003), and Los Angeles...

11. Juan C. Ruiz-López

Editor | El Barbero y el Mendigo

Juan Carlos Ruiz López was born in 1979, natural of Aguada, Puerto Rico. Son of photographer and mechanic Juan Ruiz and hair stylist Zenaida López. By age 11, his father had added video as one of his services as a wedding photographer. Allowed to edit an alternate version of a wedding video, the ...

16. Melissa Mark-Viverito

Self | Whose Barrio?

Melissa Mark-Viverito was born on April 1, 1969 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

17. Horacio Olivo

Actor | Linda Sara

Horacio Olivo was born in 1933 in Dorado, Puerto Rico. He was an actor, known for Linda Sara (1994), Historia de un gangster (1969) and Dios los cría 2 (2004). He died on July 24, 2016 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

18. Juan Beniquez

Self | 1982 American League Championship Series

Juan Beniquez was born on May 13, 1950 in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico as Juan José Beníquez Torres.

19. Kenneth Candelas

Art Department | Karl of the Future

Kenneth Bryan Candelas is the lead composer, lyricist and drummer for Homerik. As a boy, Ken grew up in an artistic home where creativity was encouraged. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to his mother, Abigail Valle (a noted fashion designer) and Hector Candelas (an in-demand session and ...

20. Luis Alicea

Self | 1996 National League Championship Series

Luis Alicea was born on July 29, 1965 in Santurce, Puerto Rico as Luis Rene (de Jesus) Alicea.

23. Carmelo Martinez

Self | 1990 National League Championship Series

Carmelo Martinez was born on July 28, 1960 in Dorado, Puerto Rico as Carmelo Martinez Salgado.

24. Junior Ortiz

Self | 1991 American League Championship Series

Junior Ortiz was born on October 24, 1959 in Humacao, Puerto Rico as Adalberto (Colon) Ortiz.

25. Fé Cortijo

Music Department | Under Suspicion

26. Luis Arroyo

Self | 1961 World Series

Luis Arroyo was born on February 18, 1927 in Penuelas, Puerto Rico as Luis Enrique Arroyo. He died on January 13, 2016 in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

28. Ruth Fernández

Actress | Frente al destino

Ruth Fernández was born on May 23, 1919 in Ponce, Puerto Rico as Ruth Noemí Fernández Cortada. She was an actress, known for Frente al destino (1964), Caña brava (1966) and The Fiend of Dope Island (1960). She was married to Juan Guilbe and Tito Henríquez. She died on January 9, 2012 in San ...

29. Rafael José

Actor | Al son del amor

Rafael José was born on April 22, 1955 in Manati, Puerto Rico as Rafael José Diaz. He is an actor, known for Al son del amor (1995), El ultimo caso del detective Prado (2005) and Ocho puertas (2003).

30. Vic Power

Self | 1956 MLB All-Star Game

Vic Power was born on November 1, 1927 in Arecibo, Puerto Rico as Victor Felipe Pellot Pove. He died on November 29, 2005 in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

31. Lourdes Cols

Sound Department | Stumble

Savannah, GA: Seeking job in Film industry.

32. Alejandro García Padilla

Self | El Antillano

Alejandro García Padilla was born on August 3, 1971 in Coamo, Puerto Rico as Alejandro Javier García Padilla. He has been married to Wilma Pastrana since April 7, 2001. They have three children.

33. Yeyita Cervoni

Actress | La gran fiesta

Yeyita Cervoni was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico. She was an actress, known for La gran fiesta (1986), An Ordinary Day (1986) and Garden of Death (1974). She died on June 18, 1994 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

34. Glenn Monroig

Soundtrack | Top of the Pops

Glenn Monroig was born on April 22, 1957 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He has been married to Sonia Rivera since 2004. They have one child.

35. Adalberto Santiago

Soundtrack | Carlito's Way

Adalberto Santiago was born in Ciales, Puerto Rico. He is an actor, known for Carlito's Way (1993), Moscow on the Hudson (1984) and Larry Harlow's Latin Legends of Fania (2006).

36. José Fernández

Actor | Amor a la española

José Fernández was born on August 9, 1948 in Santurce, Puerto Rico. He is an actor, known for Amor a la española (1967), ¿Es usted el asesino? (1967) and La banda de los ocho (1962).

38. Luis Medina-Mina

Actor | Special Operations Group: Salvation

Luis Medina-Mina was born on October 25, 1994 in Ceiba, Puerto Rico. He is known for his work on Special Operations Group: Salvation.

39. Selenia Velez-Mason

Actress | Apocrypha

Selenia Velez-Mason was born in Yauco, Puerto Rico. She is an actress, known for Apocrypha (2011), Shadows in Paradise (2010) and The Greatest Song (2009).

40. Milton Cardona

Music Department | Get on the Bus

Milton Cardona was born on November 21, 1944 in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. He is known for his work on Get on the Bus (1996) and The Last Fight (1983). He died on September 19, 2014 in The Bronx, New York City, New York, USA.

41. Luis Muñoz Marín

Self | Fiesta Island

Luis Muñoz Marín was born on February 18, 1898 in San Juan, Puerto Rico as José Luis Alberto Muñoz Marín. He was married to Inés Mendoza and Muna Lee. He died on April 30, 1980 in San Juan.

42. Luis Perico Ortiz

Composer | Mondo New York

Luis Perico Ortiz was born on December 26, 1949 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is a composer, known for Mondo New York (1988), Indestructible. El alma de la salsa (2017) and Familia RMM Combinacion Perfecta (1994).

43. José Molina

Self | 2002 American League Championship Series

José Molina was born on June 3, 1975 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico as José Benjamin Molina.

44. Jesus Castillo

Actor | WWE Monday Night RAW

Jesus Castillo was born on July 15, 1962 in Puerto Rico. He is an actor, known for WWE Raw (1993), WrestleMania XIV (1998) and WWF Friday Night's Main Event (1997).

45. Paco Navarro

Self | Familia RMM Combinacion Perfecta

Paco Navarro was born on December 26, 1936 in Santurce, Puerto Rico as Manuel Francisco Navarro. He was married to Margarita Sosa. He died on August 8, 2019 in Saddle River, New Jersey, USA.

46. Adolfo Busó Steffens

Assistant Director | Tiempo para reír

Adolfo Busó Steffens was born on October 6, 1980 in Santurce, Puerto Rico. He is an assistant director and actor, known for Tiempo para reír (2007), El sueño del regreso (2005) and Estampas de Teyo Gracia (2009).

47. Dale Bonilla

Actor | Peyton Doves

Dale Bonilla was born on March 11, 1989 in Santurce, Puerto Rico. He is an actor, known for Peyton Doves (2008).

48. Felipe López

Self | Sunday Night Baseball

Felipe López was born on May 12, 1980 in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

49. José Luis Torregrosa

Actor | La farándula Corona

José Luis Torregrosa was born on August 23, 1917 in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. He was an actor, known for La farándula Corona (1956) and La taberna India (1954). He was married to Ideal Velázquez Campos and Emilia López Mendoza. He died on June 15, 2001 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

50. Rafael Cancel Miranda

Self | Ángel

Rafael Cancel Miranda was born on July 18, 1930 in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

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