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1. 'Cousin Brucie' Morrow

Actor | Dirty Dancing

'Cousin Brucie' Morrow was born on October 13, 1935 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Bruce Meyerowitz. He is known for his work on Dirty Dancing (1987), Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978) and Across the Universe (2007). He has been married to Adrienne R (Jodie) Berlin since December 26, 1974...

2. A.C.H. Smith

Writer | Pretenders

A.C.H. Smith was born on October 31, 1935 in Kew, Surrey, England as Anthony Charles Smith. He is a writer and actor, known for Pretenders (1972), Breathless Hush (1999) and Hislop Back to Stiffen County (1969). He has been married to Alison Smith since 1963. They have three children.

3. A.J. Foyt

Actor | Racin' for a Livin'

A.J. Foyt was born on January 16, 1935 in Houston, Texas, USA as Anthony Joseph Foyt. He is an actor, known for Racin' for a Livin' (2006), Formula 1 (1950) and ABC's Wide World of Sports (1961). He has been married to Lucy Zarr since June 8, 1956. They have three children.

4. Aad van den Heuvel

Actor | Moordspel

Aad van den Heuvel was born on June 28, 1935 in Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. He is an actor, known for Moordspel (1987), Pauw & Witteman (2006) and Sanne (1983). He has been married to Annette Margarethe Kentie since June 12, 1984.

5. Aapo Vilhunen

Actor | Konstan pylkkerö

Aapo Vilhunen was born on December 18, 1935 in Helylä, Finland as Aapo Uolevi Vilhunen. He is an actor, known for Konstan pylkkerö (1994), Lyhyitä erikoisia (1985) and Volpone eli Kettu (1977).

6. Aase Hansen

Actress | Tro, håb og kærlighed

Aase Hansen was born on January 13, 1935 in Denmark. She was an actress, known for Tro, håb og kærlighed (1984), Sirup (1990) and Stolen Spring (1993). She died on February 25, 1993 in Denmark.

7. Aase Schmidt

Director | Verden er fuld af børn

Aase Schmidt was born on July 24, 1935. She is a director and writer, known for It's a World Full of Children (1980), Smil mand! (1972) and Sonja fra Saxogade (1968).

9. Abdou Mamadou Diouf

Actor | Toubab Bi

Abdou Mamadou Diouf was born on September 7, 1935 in Louga, Senegal. He is an actor, known for Toubab Bi (1991).

10. Abdul 'Duke' Fakir

Actor | Toast of the Town

Abdul 'Duke' Fakir was born on December 26, 1935 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He is an actor, known for The Ed Sullivan Show (1948), The Sugar Shack and The Fall Guy (1981).

14. Abisag Tüllmann

Camera Department | Die Allseitig reduzierte Persönlichkeit - Redupers

Abisag Tüllmann was born on October 7, 1935 in Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany as Ursula Eva Tüllmann. She is known for her work on Die Allseitig reduzierte Persönlichkeit - Redupers (1978) and Die Reise nach Lyon (1981). She died on September 24, 1996 in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, ...

15. Achim Benning

Actor | Haus Herzenstod

Achim Benning was born on January 20, 1935 in Magdeburg, Germany. He is an actor and director, known for Haus Herzenstod (1968), Sommergäste (1981) and Elektra (1963).

16. Adam Hill Gilbert

Writer | Ripcord

Adam Hill Gilbert, born William Dudley Gilbert in Culpeper, Virginia, in 1935, left Duke University at the end of his sophomore year to enroll with The Pasadena Playhouse to study playwriting and theatre. He had written 2 original plays for high school production and hosted his own local radio show...

17. Adam Kilgour

Actor | Quiz Show

Adam Kilgour was born on May 1, 1935. He was an actor, known for Quiz Show (1994). He died on April 9, 2001 in New York City, New York, USA.

18. Adam Slawinski

Composer | Skok

Adam Slawinski was born on November 27, 1935 in Szamocin, Wielkopolskie, Poland. He is a composer and actor, known for Skok (1969), Spowiedz dzieciecia wieku (1986) and Chlopi (1973).

19. Adam Wade

Actor | Kiss Me Goodbye

He may have made TV history as the first black game show host back in the 1970s, but the talents of singer/actor/musician Adam Wade extend far wider. Born Patrick Henry Wade, he grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the late 1950s he served as part of the research team for Dr. Jonas Salk who ...

21. Adelborg Linklett

Actress | Barbara

Adelborg Linklett was born on January 29, 1935 in Norðskáli, Faroe Islands as Signhild Adelborg Rasmussen. She is an actress, known for Barbara (1997), Bye Bye Bluebird (1999) and Manden der fik lov at gå (1995).

22. Adnan Khashoggi

Self | Where I Stand: The Hank Greenspun Story

Adnan Khashoggi was born on July 25, 1935 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia as Adnan Mohammed Chaschuqdschi. He was married to Lamia and Soraya. He died on June 6, 2017 in London, England.

23. Adnan Senses

Actor | Dönme sevgilim

Adnan Senses was born on August 21, 1935 in Bursa, Turkey. He was an actor, known for Dönme sevgilim (1985), Gönlüm yarali (1961) and The Hopeless Waiting (1961). He was married to Suzan Yakar Rutkay. He died on December 25, 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey.

24. Adolf Dresen

Director | Juno und der Pfau

Adolf Dresen was born on March 31, 1935 in Eggesin / Uecker-Randow, Germany. He is known for his work on Juno und der Pfau (1974), Der Mond scheint auf Kylenamoe (1968) and Iphigenia auf Tauris (1979). He was married to Barbara Bachmann. He died on July 11, 2001 in Leipzig, Germany.

26. Adélia Prado

Self | Estrada de Sonhos

Adélia Prado was born on December 13, 1935 in Divinópolis, Minas Gerais, Brazil as Adélia Luzia Prado de Freitas.

28. Agustin Mayor

Actor | Another Day, Another Man

Agustin Mayor was born in 1935 in New York, USA. He was an actor, known for Another Day, Another Man (1966) and The Horror of Party Beach (1964). He died on November 18, 1968 in Woodside, Long Island, New York.

29. Aida the Elephant

Actress | Hannibal Brooks

Aida, the Elephant, lived at the Rotterdam Zoo until July 23rd, 1981, when she died at age 46. Aida arrived in Rotterdam from Thailand on Jul 9th, 1940, at the age of 5 years-old, already trained to obey some human commands in Thai. That was 2 months after the Nazi blitz bombing of Rotterdam on May...

30. Aila Arajuuri

Actress | Rikos ja rangaistus

Aila Arajuuri was born on July 31, 1935 in Hamina, Finland as Aila Anna Helena Pilvessalo. She is an actress, known for Rikos ja rangaistus (1967), Lasisydän (1959) and Sotapojan heilat (1958). She has been married to Kalevi Tuominen since 1976. She was previously married to Yrjö Arajuuri.

32. Akihiro Miwa

Actor | Mononoke-hime

Akihiro Miwa was born on May 15, 1935 in Nagasaki, Japan. He is an actor, known for Princess Mononoke (1997), Magical Girl (2014) and Black Lizard (1968).

33. Akiko Koyama

Actress | Shônen

Akiko Koyama was born on January 27, 1935 in Chiba, Japan. She is known for her work on Boy (1969), Koko ni sachi ari - Zempen: Yuwaku no miyako (1956) and Koko ni sachi ari - Kohen: Hana saku asa (1956). She was previously married to Nagisa Ôshima.

34. Akira Ishihama

Actor | Seppuku

Akira Ishihama was born on January 29, 1935 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Harakiri (1962), Kamen Rider Black: Terrifying! The Phantom House of Devil Pass (1988) and Fireworks Over the Sea (1951).

35. Al Frazier

Self | AFL on ABC

Al Frazier was born on March 28, 1935 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA as Adolphus Cornelius Frazier. He died on December 2, 2018 in Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA.

36. Al Harrington

Actor | Forrest Gump

Al Harrington was born on December 12, 1935 in Pago Pago, Western Samoa as Tausau Ta'a. He is an actor, known for Forrest Gump (1994), Hawaii Five-0 (2010) and Jake and the Fatman (1987).

37. Al Israel

Actor | Scarface

His striking menacing face and important presence as the deadly Hector The Toad in the classic Scarface (1983) was remarkable enough for movie viewers to never forget him and his role as the Colombian drug dealer who brutally murdered Tony Montana's associate in the infamous chainsaw scene from ...

38. Al Rossi

Actor | The Spoils of Babylon

Al was born in Chicago, and received three degrees in Theatre Arts: Loyola University of Chicago (BA), University of Kansas (MA), and University of Minnesota (PH.D.).

Joined Actors' Equity at age of 20, working with Charlton Heston, Bert Lahr, and Barbra Britton at The Hinsdale Summer Theatre. Has ...

39. Al Waxman

Actor | Cagney & Lacey

Al Waxman was born on March 2, 1935 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Albert Samuel Waxman. He was an actor and director, known for Cagney & Lacey (1981), Heavy Metal (1981) and The Hurricane (1999). He was married to Sara. He died on January 18, 2001 in Toronto.

40. Al Webb

Self | Moon Beat

Al Webb was born on March 14, 1935 in Aiken, South Carolina, USA as Alvin B. Webb Jr. He was married to Elizabeth. He died on January 25, 2015 in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England.

42. Alain Barrière

Soundtrack | Voice Over

A former railroad engineer, Alain Barrière started a successful career as a singer-sonwriter in 1962 with "Elle était si jolie". Now, Barrière is one of the best-known and well respected french singer-songwriter in all french countries over the world. Major hits: "Ma vie", "Plus je t'entends", "...

43. Alain Delon

Actor | Le samouraï

Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon was born in Sceaux, Hauts-de-Seine, France, to Édith (Arnold) and Fabien Delon. His father was of French and Corsican Italian descent, and his mother was of French and German ancestry. His parents divorced early on, and Delon had a stormy childhood, being ...

44. Alain Tercinet

Self | Les Refrains de la mémoire

Alain Tercinet was born on January 29, 1935 in Chambéry, Savoie, France. He was an actor, known for Les Refrains de la mémoire (2001). He was married to Nicole. He died on June 28, 2017 in France.

45. Alan Afriat

Editorial Department | The World at War

46. Alan Clarke

Director | Screen Two

Liverpool native Alan Clarke got his start in the film business in Canada, where he studied acting and directing. Upon returning to England he got a job at ITV, then moved over to the BBC in 1969. He worked mostly in television, but he made a couple of feature films that got attention for their ...

47. Alan Cotton

Self | Cotton on Canvas

Alan Cotton was born on October 8, 1935 in Redditch, Worcestershire, England as Alan Charles Cotton. He has been married to Patricia Stanley since 1961. They have four children.

48. Alan Haven

Music Department | A Jolly Bad Fellow

Alan Haven was born on April 1, 1935 in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, England. He is known for his work on They All Died Laughing (1964), The Knack... and How to Get It (1965) and Around the World of Mike Todd (1967). He was married to Lesley Langley. He died on January 7, 2016 in ...

49. Alan Hirschfield

Alan Hirschfield was born on October 10, 1935 in New York City, New York, USA as Alan James Hirschfield. He was married to Berte Schindelheim. He died on January 15, 2015 in Wilson, Wyoming, USA.

50. Alan M. Solomon

Producer | City of Shadows

Was executive vice president of Shapiro-Glickenhaus Entertainment (SGE) until 1996 when the company was disbanded. Solomon went on to form Amsell Entertainment, which acquired the film catalog and remaining assets of SGE. Sometime after Solomon's death in 2010, Amsell was renamed North American ...

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