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1. Robert Hutton

Actor | Destination Tokyo

The son of a hardware merchant and cousin of Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton, Robert Hutton was born in Kingston, New York, and attended Blair Academy in New Jersey. For several seasons the future film actor was a leading man and director with the Woodstock Playhouse stock company in New York. He ...

2. Elissa Landi

Actress | The Count of Monte Cristo

Elissa Landi was born in Venice, Italy, on December 6, 1904. From an early age, Elissa wanted to be an actress and a writer. Her acting career started at the Oxford Repertory Company and on London's West End performing with actors such as Laurence Olivier and John Gielgud. She played Desdemona in ...

3. Howard Koch

Writer | Casablanca

Playwright and author of sophisticated screenplays, a graduate of Bard College and Columbia University Law School. Howard Koch started out as a practicing lawyer in Hartsdale, New Jersey, but soon found himself dissatisfied with his career choice and began to write plays on the side. His first two ...

4. Heywood Hale Broun

Actor | Tales of Tomorrow

Heywood Hale Broun was born on March 10, 1918 in New York City, New York, USA. He was an actor and writer, known for Tales of Tomorrow (1951), Omnibus (1952) and Lights Out (1946). He was married to Jane Lloyd-Jones. He died on September 5, 2001 in Kingston, New York.

5. Frederick Neumann

Actor | Reversal of Fortune

Frederick Neumann was born on May 17, 1926 in Sugar Island, Michigan, USA as Frederick Carl Neumann. He was an actor, known for Reversal of Fortune (1990), Madman (1981) and The Prince of Tides (1991). He was married to Honora Ferguson. He died on November 27, 2012 in Kingston, New York, USA.

6. Billy Pearson

Actor | Boots Malone

Billy Pearson was born on May 19, 1920 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Bill Austin Pearson. He was an actor, known for Boots Malone (1952), The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972) and Cool and Lam (1958). He was married to Margaret A. Crecca, Myra O. Nicholson, Darlene McConnell and Maria ...

7. Eugene Loring

Funny Face

Eugene Loring was born on August 2, 1911 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. He is known for his work on Funny Face (1957), National Velvet (1944) and Silk Stockings (1957). He died on August 30, 1982 in Kingston, New York, USA.

8. Barry Feinstein

Cinematographer | You Are What You Eat

Barry Feinstein was born on February 4, 1931 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as Richard Barry Feinstein. He is known for his work on You Are What You Eat (1968), Kansas (1988) and Elvis Found Alive (2012). He was married to Judith Jamison, Carol Wayne and Mary Allin Travers. He died on October ...

10. Daniel L. Haynes

Actor | Hallelujah

Daniel L. Haynes was born on June 6, 1889 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA as Daniel Leo Haynes. He was an actor, known for Hallelujah (1929), Mary Burns, Fugitive (1935) and John Smith (1922). He was married to Rosa Belle Sims. He died on July 29, 1954 in Kingston, New York, USA.

11. Walter B. Gibson

Writer | The Shadow

Walter B. Gibson was born on September 12, 1897 in Germantown, Pennsylvania, USA as Walter Brown Gibson. He was a writer, known for The Shadow (1994), The Shadow and The Shadow Strikes (1937). He was married to Pearl Litzka Raymond. He died on December 6, 1985 in Kingston, New York, USA.

12. Chet London

Actor | Hamlet

Chet London was born on April 8, 1931 in Everett, Massachusetts, USA. He was an actor, known for Hamlet (1964), Search for Tomorrow (1951) and The Doctors (1963). He died on September 15, 1988 in Kingston, New York, USA.

14. Douglas Morrow

Writer | The Stratton Story

Douglas Morrow was born on September 13, 1913 in Oswego, New York, USA. He was a writer and actor, known for The Stratton Story (1949), Men of Annapolis (1957) and Maurie (1973). He died on September 9, 1994 in Kingston, New York.

15. Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Self | Better Things: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Jeffrey Catherine Jones was born on January 10, 1944 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA as Jeffrey Durwood Jones. He was married to Louise Simonson. He died on May 19, 2011 in Kingston, New York, USA.

16. Isabel Heermann

Actress | Friedrich Schiller - Eine Dichterjugend

Isabel Heermann was born in 1893 in Frankfurt, Main, Germany. She was an actress, known for Friedrich Schiller - Eine Dichterjugend (1923). She was married to Joseph Richard Marcuse and Kambert. She died on February 7, 1996 in Kingston, New York, USA.

17. Lou Maletta

Writer | Desirs Artificiels

Lou Maletta was born on December 14, 1936 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA as Louis Phillip Maletta Jr. He is known for his work on Desirs Artificiels (2018), How to Survive a Plague (2012) and Independent Lens (1999). He died on November 2, 2011 in Kingston, New York.

18. Seena Hamilton

Self | E! True Hollywood Story

Seena Hamilton was born on February 8, 1924 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA as Seena Madeline Hamilton. She was married to S. K. Finebeg. She died on August 6, 2016 in Kingston, New York.

19. Billy Costello

Actor | Heart

Billy Costello was born on April 10, 1956 in Kingston, New York, USA as William Donald Costello Jr. He was married to Jane Costello. He died on June 29, 2011 in Kingston.

20. Robert Morris

Self | Robert Morris: Retrospective

Robert Morris was born on February 9, 1931 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA as Robert Eugene Morris. He was married to Lucile Michels. He died on November 28, 2018 in Kingston, New York, USA.

22. David 'Fathead' Newman Jr.

Actor | Kansas City

David 'Fathead' Newman Jr. was born on February 24, 1933 in Corsicana, Texas, USA. He was married to Karen Newman. He died on January 20, 2009 in Kingston, New York, USA.

23. Pauline Oliveros

Soundtrack | Wear

Pauline Oliveros was born May 30, 1932 in Houston, Texas. She is an American accordionist and composer who is one of the first female pioneers in the development of post-war electronic art music. She was a founding member of the San Francisco Tape Music Center in the 1960s, and served as its ...

24. Marion Dentler

Actress | The Clarion

Marion Dentler was born on February 24, 1892 as Mary Ann Dentler. She was an actress, known for The Clarion (1916). She died on December 14, 1988 in Kingston, New York, USA.

24 names.

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