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1. James Mason

Actor | Lolita

James Mason was a great English actor of British and American films. He was born in Yorkshire, and attended Marlborough and Cambridge, where he discovered acting on a lark, and abandoned a planned career as an architect. Following work in stock companies, he joined the Old Vic under the guidance of...

2. Capucine

Actress | The Pink Panther

With classic patrician features and an independent, non-conformist personality, Capucine began her film debut in 1949 at the age of 21 with an appearance in the film Rendezvous in July (1949). She attended school in France and received a BA degree in foreign languages. Married for six months in her...

3. Heinz Bennent

Actor | Possession

Heinz Bennent was born on July 18, 1921 in Stolberg, Germany as Heinrich August Bennent. He was an actor, known for Possession (1981), Im Jahr der Schildkröte (1988) and The Last Metro (1980). He was married to Paulette Renou. He died on October 12, 2011 in Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland.

4. Vladimir Nabokov

Writer | Lolita

Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov was born on April 22, 1899, the eldest of five children in a wealthy aristocratic family in St. Petersburg, Russia. His grandfather was a Justice Minister to the Czar Alexander II. His father, named Vladimir Dmitrievich Nabokov, was a liberal political leader, the ...

5. Madeleine Robinson

Actress | À double tour

Madeleine Robinson was born on November 5, 1917 in Paris, France as Madeleine Yvonne Svoboda. She was an actress, known for Leda (1959), Les frères Bouquinquant (1948) and Such a Pretty Little Beach (1949). She was married to Guillaume Amestoy and Robert Dalban. She died on August 1, 2004 in...

6. Georges Simenon

Writer | Maigret tend un piège

Georges Simenon was born on February 13, 1903 in Liège, Wallonia, Belgium as Georges Joseph Christian Simenon. He is known for his work on Inspector Maigret (1958), The Man on the Eiffel Tower (1949) and La veuve Couderc (1971). He was married to Denyse Ouimet and Régine "Tigy" Renchon. He died on ...

7. José Giovanni

Writer | Mon père, il m'a sauvé la vie

Joseph Damiani, a.k.a José Giovanni, was born on June 22th, 1923, to a Corsican family. He did many little jobs when he was a teenager. Washing dishes in a train-restaurant, lumberjack, coal miner, waiter in a hotel restaurant of Chamonix. He was arrested for fraud and condemned to one year in jail...

8. Hugo Pratt

Writer | Corto Maltese

Hugo Pratt was born on June 15, 1927 in Rimini, Italy as Ugo Eugenio Pratt. He was a writer and actor, known for Corto Maltese, Corto Maltese and the Gilded House of Samarkand (2002) and Corto Maltese - Under the Sign of Capricorn (2002). He was married to Anne Frognier and Gucky Wogerer. He died ...

9. Jorge Donn

Actor | Bhakti

Jorge Donn was born on February 28, 1947 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was an actor, known for Bhakti (1970), Flesh Color (1978) and Romeo e Giulietta (1972). He died on November 30, 1992 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

10. Jean Anouilh

Writer | Le voyageur sans bagages

Jean Anouilh was born on June 23, 1910 in Bordeaux, Gironde, France as Jean Marie Lucien Pierre Anouilh. He was a writer and director, known for Le voyageur sans bagages (1944), Two Pennies Worth of Violets (1951) and Monsoon (1952). He was married to Nicole Lançon and Monelle Valentin. He died on ...

11. Gustaf Mannerheim

Self | Finnland im Kampf: Ein kleines Volk wehrt sich

Gustaf Mannerheim was born on June 4, 1867 in Askainen, Finland as Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim. He was married to Anastasia Arapova. He died on January 27, 1951 in Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland.

12. Queen Victoria Eugenia

Actress | Corazón de reina

Victoria Eugenia von Battenberg, always called "Ena", was born in Scotland on October 24, 1887, the only daughter of Prince Henry von Battenberg and Princess Beatrice, herself one of Queen Victoria's daughters. 1887 was also Queen Victoria's Jubilee Year, and in her honor her little granddaughter ...

14. Frederick Treves

Writer | The Elephant Man

Frederick Treves was a famous pioneer in abdominal surgery. Today he is mostly remembered as the physician to the Elephant Man. On May 4, 1901, Treves was knighted by King Edward VII on whom he had performed an appendicectomy.

15. Han Suyin

Writer | Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing

Han Suyin was born on September 12, 1916 in Sinyang, Henan, China as Rosalie Matilda Kuanghu Chou. She was a writer, known for Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955), Ton ombre est la mienne (1963) and Demain la Chine (1966). She was married to Vincent Valantine Ruthnaswamy, Leon F. Comber and Tang...

16. Neige Dolsky

Actress | Trois couleurs: Rouge

Neige Dolsky was born on March 10, 1911 in Paris, France. She was an actress, known for Three Colors: Red (1994), Auntie Danielle (1990) and La pêche miraculeuse (1976). She died on December 31, 2002 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

17. Alfred Cortot

Soundtrack | Swing Kids

He adopted Jean , the son of his second wife Renée. He is the painter, member of the Institut, Jean Cortot (Alexandria, Egypt 1925 - 28 December 2018, Paris). Jean , in his acceptance speech at the Institut, finished by a recording of Chopin played by his father.

18. Marcel Merminod

Actor | L'opéra de quat'sous

Marcel Merminod was born on April 16, 1893 in Lausanne, Switzerland. He was an actor, known for L'opéra de quat'sous (1931), The Son of the White Mountain (1930) and F.P.1 Doesn't Answer (1933). He died on May 31, 1979 in Lausanne.

19. Italo Alfaro

Director | Canterbury proibito

Italo Alfaro was born in 1928 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy. He was a director and writer, known for Canterbury proibito (1972), Guardami nuda (1972) and Decameron's Jolly Kittens (1972). He died in 1979 in Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland.

20. Maurice Béjart

Director | Bhakti

Maurice Béjart was born on January 1, 1927 in Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, France as Maurice Jean Berger. He is known for his work on Bhakti (1970), Ballet for Life (1997) and The Firebird (1952). He died on November 22, 2007 in Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland.

21. Werner Koenig

Producer | History Is Made at Night

Werner Koenig was born on April 20, 1963 in Bavaria, Germany. He was a producer and actor, known for History Is Made at Night (1999), Legionnaire (1998) and 2001: A Space Travesty (2000). He died on November 12, 2000 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

22. Maurice Sandoz

Writer | The Maze

Having earned a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Lausanne in 1920, Sandoz devoted himself to the arts, literature and music as a patron, collector, writer and composer. Renowned traveler and host. Many of his narratives have a fantastic or surrealist flavor and were illustrated by ...

24. Serge Lifar

La mort du cygne

Serge Lifar was born on January 13, 1905 in Kiev, Russian Empire. He is known for his work on Ballerina (1937), Nights of Fire (1937) and Große Tänzer (1954). He was married to Inga-Lisa Amlefeldt. He died on December 15, 1986 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

25. André Steiger

Actor | La femme de Rose Hill

André Steiger was born on September 7, 1928 in Genève, Switzerland. He was an actor, known for The Woman from Rose Hill (1989), Jonas et Lila, à demain (1999) and No Man's Land (1985). He died on August 28, 2012 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

26. Guy Pelham Boulton

Actor | Murder!

Guy Pelham Boulton was born on May 4, 1890 in Royston, Hertfordshire, England as Guy Francis Pelham Boulton. He was an actor, known for Murder! (1930). He died on May 4, 1960 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

27. Maurice Mouvet

Actor | The Quest of Life

Maurice Mouvet was born on March 17, 1889 in New York City, New York, USA as Maurice Oscar Louis Mouvet. He was an actor, known for The Quest of Life (1916). He was married to Eleanora Ambrose (dance partner) and Florence Walton. He died on May 18, 1927 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

28. Jean-Jacques Perrey

Soundtrack | Savages

Jean-Jacques Perrey was born on January 20, 1929 in Amiens, France as Jean Leroy. He is known for his work on Savages (2012), El Chavo del Ocho (1972) and Long Hello and Short Goodbye (1999). He died on November 4, 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

29. Edna May

Actress | Salvation Joan

Edna May was born on September 2, 1878 in Syracuse, New York, USA as Edna May Pettie. She was an actress, known for Salvation Joan (1916). She was married to Oscar Lewisohn and Frederick Titus. She died on January 2, 1948 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

31. Georges Haldas

Writer | La mort de Mario Ricci

Georges Haldas was born on August 14, 1917 in Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland. He was a writer, known for The Death of Mario Ricci (1983), Jean-Luc persécuté (1966) and The Roads of Exile (1978). He died on October 24, 2010 in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland.

32. Emile Gardaz

Writer | Sacré Ulysse

Emile Gardaz was born on August 29, 1931 in Échallens, Canton de Vaud, Switzerland. He died on December 19, 2007 in Lausanne, Canton de Vaud.

33. Camille Fournier

Actress | La caméra explore le temps

Camille Fournier was born on August 27, 1905 in Geneva, Switzerland. She is known for her work on La caméra explore le temps (1957), Virage dangereux (1956) and If All the Guys in the World... (1956). She died on September 21, 1989 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

35. Arturo Porchet

Director | L'appel de la montagne

Arturo Porchet was born on May 11, 1879 in Neuchatel, Switzerland. He was a cinematographer and director, known for L'appel de la montagne (1923), L'oasis dans la tourmente (1942) and The Eighth Commandment (1937). He died on February 1, 1956 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

37. Jean-Marie Verselle

Actor | Les mariés de l'an deux

Jean-Marie Verselle was born on January 12, 1945 in Flixécourt, Somme, France. He was an actor, known for Swashbuckler (1971), Les petites fugues (1979) and Cancer (1972). He died on December 31, 1998 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

38. Jean-Pierre Goretta

Writer | Entretiens

Jean-Pierre Goretta was born on January 9, 1926 in Petit-Saconnex, now Geneva, Switzerland. He was a writer, known for Entretiens (1973). He died on July 29, 1985 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

40. Elena of Greece and Denmark

Princess Helen (Elena) of Greece and Denmark was born in Athens, Greece, on May 2, 1896. She was the third child of King Constantine I of Greece and Queen Sophie Dorothea Ulrica of Prussia. Her brothers George (King George of Greece, Alexander and Paul each eventually became King of Greece, and she...

41. Claude Nobs

Producer | Rory Gallagher: Live at Montreux

Claude Nobs was born on February 8, 1936 in Montreux, Switzerland. He is known for his work on Rory Gallagher: Live at Montreux (2006), Talk Talk: Live at Montreux 1986 (2008) and Joe Satriani: Live at Montreux (2007). He died on January 10, 2013 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

42. Peter Carl Fabergé

Self | Modern Marvels

Peter Carl Fabergé was born on May 30, 1846 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire. He was married to Augusta Julia Jacobs. He died on September 24, 1920 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

43. Robert Piguet

Costume Designer | Pièges

44. Ariane Deluz

Self | Disappearing World

Ariane Deluz was born on September 6, 1931 in Lausanne, Switzerland. She died on January 16, 2010 in Lausanne.

45. François Silvant

Actor | Les années d'illusion

François Silvant was born on October 15, 1949 in Lausanne, Switzerland. He was an actor, known for Les années d'illusion (1977), Les trois soldats (1989) and Montreux Comedy (2009). He died on June 14, 2007 in Lausanne.

46. Max Lerel

Actor | Le tampon du colonel

Max Lerel was born on January 8, 1894 in Aigle, Switzerland as Maurice Versel. He was an actor and director, known for Le tampon du colonel (1935), Ma tante Eulalie (1936) and Le vase étrusque (1935). He died on December 20, 1962 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

49. Clara Campoamor

Self | Noticiario de cine club

Clara Campoamor was born on February 12, 1888 in Madrid. She died on April 30, 1972 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

50. Luc Yersin

Sound Department | L'argent

Luc Yersin was born on December 11, 1945 in Cully, Switzerland. He is known for his work on L'Argent (1983), After Darkness (1985) and Under a False Name (2004). He died on May 30, 2008 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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