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1. Vector

Action, Sci-Fi | Announced

A washed up space shuttle pilot has to save the world on the international space station.

2. The Swan Man

Drama | Announced

The story of a man who saves the swans in the Swan Lake region in the Chinese Shendong region. Once a year he takes his rescues along the migratory path to Mongolia where the people there have a spiritual affinity with the swans.

Director: Duan Jia

3. Mr. Perfect

Comedy | Announced

A nerdy guy gets a magic pair of shoes that turns him into a good looking guy.

4. Almighty Fred (1996)

80 min | Comedy

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Two brothers, down on their luck and in need of cash, cook up a scheme to create their own new religion. Their motto, See the Donut....Not the Hole, catches on beyond their wildest dreams.

Director: Bill Kelman | Stars: Jeff Michalski, Christopher Kriesa, Kim Little, Holly Beavon

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5. The Perfect Dad

Family | Announced

A kid needs a father so he steals a killer android and turns him into the perfect dad.

6. UFO Hotspots (2018– )


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Hosts travel to UFO hot spots around the world.

7. Backsliding

Comedy | Announced

Two X's run into each, realize the chemistry but things just don't work out like they had planned.

Director: Bill Kelman

8. The Far East All Stars

Sport | Announced

An NBA player loses his excitement for the game and is sent to play with a startup team in a third tier industrial city in China.

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