With Los Angeles-Beijing Studios (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

1. Panda vs. Aliens (2020)

Animation | Post-production

Pandas battle against aliens in outer space.

Directors: Sean Patrick O'Reilly, Oden Roberts | Stars: Chevy Chase, Dan Payne, Geoff Gustafson, Scott McNeil

2. Detective Dee: Mystery of the Dragon's Blood

Adventure, Mystery | Announced

China's Sherlock Holmes returns in an epic adventure where East meets West. Detective Dee and his entourage team up with a crew of Viking warriors to uncover the mystery of China's imperial bloodline and the mysterious lost city of Ivy.

Stars: Xiao Sun, Linzi Graham

3. Holidate (I)

Comedy, Romance | Announced

A desperate woman hires the world's worst method actor to pose as her boyfriend, as she goes home for the Chinese New Year.

Star: Xiao Sun

4. East Side Story (I)

Action, Musical | Announced

Two men and their friends, sing, dance and fight over a girl.

5. Taipei 101

Action | Announced

High tech thieves infiltrate Dubai's Burj Tower only to be outsmarted by an American maintenance man who has been with the Burj from the time it was built.

6. Princess Turandot

Action, Romance | Announced

The story, set in ancient China, involves Prince Calaf who falls in love with the beautiful but cold-hearted princess Turandot. To obtain permission to marry her, a suitor must solve three riddles; any false answer results in death.

7. Uncontrollable

Action | Announced

In a near-future Shanghai, a Chinese Agent and American Colonel team up to hunt down one of the world's greatest assassins, uncovering a deadly role-playing game played by the foreign elite.

8. Mirror Lake

Thriller | Announced

A struggling Chinese novelist is tempted by a famous American novelist, who seduces her in every way until it becomes a life or death race to defend her family.

Star: Jenny Wu

9. One in a Billion

Comedy, Romance | Announced

Tired of being played by a high-rolling bachelors and needing a change of scenery, a female Vegas bookie is betting on the odds and sheer numbers of single men in China, and sets off on a trip to Shanghai to win the love of her life.

10. Ghost of the Gobi

Action, Adventure | Announced

In the vein of "The Mummy and "Indiana Jones," an American paleontologist journeys from 1928 China to Hungary and back again in search of a mystic artifact that allowed Genghis Khan to conquer the known world.

11. Olympus

Sci-Fi | Announced

The first four space travelers chosen to travel to Mars are a combined Chinese and US team who complete their one-way missions...and more.

12. Kidnapped in London

Adventure, History | Announced

Based on the story of the founder of modern China, Sun Yat Sen and his kidnapping in London in 1896, and Sun's life preceding and after that incident.

13. Pirate's Daughter

Adventure, Thriller | Announced

The daughter of a modern Pirate, chased by Interpol, bets on pair of gamblers to win a high stakes card game and save herself from a prearranged marriage.

14. Orient-Express

Romance, Thriller | Announced

A Chinese aristocrat, expecting to be married to a perfect matched Chinese woman, falls in love with a French burlesque dancer, aboard the maiden voyage of the world's fastest, ill fated train from Paris to Beijing.

15. The Wong Escape

Comedy | Announced

On their way to attend their son's graduation in New York, the Wongs end up in Las Vegas instead.

16. Shrimp

Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi | Announced

A Chinese based shrimping vessel is infected with a virus that slowly reduces the international crew to 8cm.

17. Jaded (II)

Action | Announced

On the final return trip of a world Jade museum tour, an American security expert is outwitted by his beautiful Chinese counterpart, until both are set up for stealing the famed Jade Cabbage.

18. Outrun

Action | Announced

Running an adventure tour in China's Tianmen Mountains, a Chinese father and his daughter must use their knowledge of the land and extreme sports to outwit two foreign thieves who are using... See full summary »

19. Secret Asian Man

Action, Comedy | Announced

After the death of his adoptive Chinese American father, an average American guy realizes his true family's secret agent lineage...and teams up with a Chinese Fed to track down an assassin.

20. Super Hero

Action, Comedy | Announced

A father wishing to please his son dresses up in a super hero outfit only to find he has to contend with real super villains who have kidnapped his son.

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