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1. Welcome to the Grifter

Drama | Pre-production

Lights. Magic. Passion. Crime. All coexist within the bowels of The Grifter. Between the curved bodies and glitter found inside lies a story. Latisha, a performer at the infamous The ... See full summary »

Stars: Leni Rico, Vicky-lee Valentino, Hakan Yildiz, Inna Bagoli

2. TimeWarpers

Sci-Fi | Announced

A team of super heroes travel through time to correct the forgotten time-line remade by the P.U.N. (Prosperous United Nations). Using their new discovered genetic powers they warp back in ... See full summary »

Director: Max Forzan | Stars: Vicky-lee Valentino, Mark David Gosse, Max Forzan, Giovanni Alva

2 titles.

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