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Prowlers of the Wild (1914)

Prowlers of the Wild (1914)

Short | Drama

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Landers, dishonest foreman at the trapping post, falls in love with Anna. She, in turn, retains a warm place in her heart for Bert Bixby, the handsome son of the owner of the circus. A letter from young Bixby announcing his coming to the trapping post, falls into the hands of Landers. He immediately plots against his white employers. He trades guns to the Kaffirs in exchange for ivory. When Bixby arrives an animal trapping expedition is arranged. Landers is soundly thrashed and then discharged by Bert Bixby when he permits his jealousy to take violent form. The expedition starts. Anna and Essie are left behind at the trading post. Landers, in a nearby Kaffir village, plots to get Anna into his power. While the expedition is trapping lions, the child of a chief in the Kaffir village becomes ill. Landers suggests that Anna he sent for. She comes and leaves medicine for the little Kaffir baby. Landers puts poison into the medicine and the baby dies. The ignorant Kaffirs are then incited to declare war upon the whites by Landers, who declares that Anna has killed the child. The Kaffirs attack the trapping post. Anna and Essie escape with Landers, who warns them just before the attack. The two girls are hidden away by Landers, while he secures horses. When he returns he» refuses to take blind Essie to safety, telling Anna that he will save her only. When she remonstrates Landers seizes her. In the struggle Anna secures Landers' gun and shoots him. Meanwhile the trapping post has been burned by the Kaffirs and its defenders killed. Bixby and Graham, returning from the expedition, see the flames and hurry to investigate. In the battle with Kaffirs which ensues, Graham is killed and the natives are about to annihilate the entire party when timely assistance arrives in the shape of a party of hunters sent to the post by Bixby's father. The Kaffirs are attacked and beaten. Anna makes her way back to the post and there meets Bixby, who tells her of his love.
Otis Turner
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