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Teacher in a Bikini (2002)

Teacher in a Bikini (2002)

  -   Crime | Drama

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Work is hard to come by for Jean and his infrequently employed pals Éric and Karim, friends since childhood. At city hall, Jean grabs a chance to swipe a valuable TV camera left unattended. Jean convinces the others to go to Lyon to sell it. With their fancy equipment the hotshots get some girls, but no sale. Jean has an idea for using the camera to rob a jewellery store, but Karim, the son of a traditional father, has trouble with illegality. On the way home, the three witness a violent carjacking by armed men and get it down on videotape... Éric had taken a shine to Isabelle, one of the girls from Lyon, and now announces they're engaged. But his slip-up back at the crime scene leads to a cordial visit from the carjacking crooks. They are prepared to negotiate, and one of their number, Sergio, is assigned to show the three a good time...
Lyèce Boukhitine
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