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The Mate of the 'John M' (1911)

The Mate of the 'John M' (1911)

Drama | Short

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Jim, the mate of the ship "John M.," is in love with Mandy, the daughter of Captain Dale. Before she leaves for boarding school, she hurries to the ship to say good-bye to it, her father and Jim. Six years have now passed, and Mandy has grown to a big and handsome girl. As Captain Dale is going to make another trip, Mandy asks him if she cannot go along. Mandy's school chum's brother wishes to go also, and the Captain gives his consent. Jim grows a little jealous at the young man's presence on board. The ship strikes a rock, tearing a big hole in it, and causing the water to pour rapidly into it. The crew, together with the Captain, his daughter and Mandy take to the small boats. All can get in with the exception of Jim, who shows his willingness to stay with the old ship. The boats carrying the shipwrecked crew are soon picked up by a passing vessel, and Captain Dale and his daughter eventually arrive at Cape Cod, their home. Mandy cannot forget Jim, and continually visits the shore in the hope of seeing him. Her hope is soon gratified, and as the film ends, we see her clasped in his arms with old Captain Dale caressing them.
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