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Hector, the Angel Child (1909)

Hector, the Angel Child (1909)

Short | Comedy

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Hector has always been a "mama's boy" and has managed to so deceive his parents that they think him a model youth and are constantly boring their friends with accounts of his perfections. It is "dear Hector's" birthday, as the scene opens, and having spent a pleasant day with his parents the latter bid him good-night and give him his candle to light himself to bed. Hardly has he left the room before they begin singing his praises to each other. To think, twenty-one years of age and as obedient and respectful to his parents as if he were a little boy! And so good and simple minded! Another youth at his age would want to spend his evenings at the theaters and going about town with other wild young men. But not so Hector. He spends his evenings at home reading some instructive book and then at eight-thirty sharp he takes his candle and goes off to bed. They are indeed fortunate to possess such an angel son. Well, it is our sad duty to relate that Hector is not quite the angel child his parents think him. In fact Hector is a terrible hypocrite and has been fooling his parents for many a long day. We see him go up to his room and piling some of his wearing apparel under the bed clothes arranges the latter in such a way that it looks as if he were comfortably snuggled up in bed. He then hastens to get on his evening clothes and makes a hasty exit out of his window. When his parents enter his room on tiptoe about a half hour later, they stand over the bed almost afraid to breathe for fear of waking him and then going out close the door behind them and go happily to bed. We next see the angel one at a café, the gayest of the very gay party assembled there for a night of fun and pleasure. His highly respectable old uncle is also one of the party. Hector did not expect to meet the latter at this resort but concealing his surprise he just winks at the old gentleman and they understand each other perfectly. Judging from the next picture (time about 4 a.m.) the party must have been a howling success. The café is a wreck; the only guests still there are three disreputable looking men, with hats caved in and limp rumpled looking bodies, one of whom, the oldest, is endeavoring to fix himself comfortably in the very middle of the table. The waiters hearing all the racket put the three undesirable guests unceremoniously out into the street. They spy their cab still waiting (which is a wonder as the cabby growing tired of standing in the cold had joined the jolly party about two o'clock). A most amusing sight indeed is the sorry looking trio driving home. The angel child on the box; the cabby and highly respectable uncle lounging on the back seat. Well the end of it all is that the angel child's entire family get the shock of their life when they are summoned to his room by the terrified maid and find Uncle and Cabby sleeping soundly in their son's bed. The latter hearing someone coming conceals himself in the cupboard and to this day his parents still think him as "An Angel Child."
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