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Aunt Aurora (1911)

Aunt Aurora (1911)

Short | Comedy

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Uncle Adolph could be very happy with his two young comely nieces, if they but made their eyes behave. Alas the flirtations that they carried on whenever he relaxed in his vigil were such as proved a continuous source of annoyance. Things got so exasperating that poor Uncle Adolph began to look around for a female chaperone for the two jolly though naughty girlies. One night the gentleman-oglers became so bold as to serenade the nieces much to Uncle's chagrin. That was plenty. A chaperone must be engaged, but who? An ingenious moment, suggested his sister-in-law, Aurora, whom he had not seen for more than twenty-five years. She was written to and on she came. But what a surprise to Uncle Adolph; instead of securing the aid of a typical spinster for the office, he found that he had brought a merry, yes flirtatious relative into his midst. Of course the girls were never checked in their flirtations and Auntie even encouraged them in their amusement of this variety, with the result that Uncle Adolph, so deluged with relatives of this kind, was finally forced to change his views and give his sanction.
Renée Carl
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