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Sauce for the Goose (1913)

Sauce for the Goose (1913)

Short | Comedy

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Greatly peeved at her husband's constant falls from grace, Mabel Wise resolves to teach him a lesson. She threatens that if Jim ever goes out on "a bat" again she will retaliate in kind. Jim solemnly promises to behave himself and to give up the friends that are leading him astray. Jim's friends come to the office next afternoon and drag him out to have "just one." After the "one" they tell him of a French ball for that evening and ask him to come along. He phones home to tell his wife of the engagement, and, if possible, to get her permission. Receiving no answer he concludes she is out and rushes home to change his clothes before she can return. On getting back to the house Mabel sees that Jim has been home and resolves to have a surprise for him on his return at night. Later on she receives a phone call from him, telling her where he is. She tells him he must hurry home, as she wants him to come on an outing with her, purely imaginary on her part. He presses her for details, but she hangs up the receiver, leaving him wondering where she is going. Mabel fixes up the room so that it will appear as if a gay party has held revel there and then goes out by herself. Jim, fearful of what Mabel may say to him, returns home early to find the house deserted, but sees the signs of a "large evening." He is greatly worried by the absence of his wife and sits down to wait for her. She comes in soon, apparently with a beautiful "jag." She plays the part to perfection and has him almost crazy. When she is satisfied that she has kept it up long enough she enlightens him as to the truth. Jim is entirely penitent and again promises to remain on his good behavior, a promise that she compels him to keep ever afterward.
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