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El Landlord (2016)

El Landlord (2016)

  -   Thriller

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LUIS RAMIREZ is a dreamer and believes his destiny lies not in the troubled childhood of his past in Colombia, but in the land of the stars. A harrowing attempt to make it across the border leaves him at the mercy of officer DANIEL WILLIAMS, the border patrol officer. Luis is soon set free on his own path that puts him among the freaks and some eclectics of Hollywood as he takes up a job as a landlord of a house. Luis' true calling is writing and this home is ripe with stories and characters. ANDY CRUZ, the one person Luis can trust, LILLY GREEN, a poisonous flower, RANDALL FIACETTI the model/schemer who tries to con Luis, among many others. Luis, while attempting to juggle the home, his dream and the darkness that is quickly surfacing, comes face to face with DETECTIVE BIAG, a racist cop, who soon vows to drive Luis out and close down the house. Luis must fight and seek balance between his own inner turmoil and those surrounding him lest he succumb to his own insanity.
Nicholas Nathaniel
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