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  • Young Anthony March, living in London, inherits a considerable amount of money, but his crooked uncle Dr. Manuel Ceneri steals it. When Anthony gets suspicious, Ceneri's partner in crime, Macari, persuades Ceneri to kill him. However, just as they commit the murder a blind man, Gilbert Vaughan, mistakenly enters the house. Anthony's sister Pauline sees the murder, faints and loses her memory. Thinking they have gotten away with the murder, Ceneri and Macari soon find out that they're in for a shock.

  • Dr. Manuel Ceneri and Sig. Macari are two conspirators in London, fighting for what they believe to be the freedom of Italy. Ceneri has a nephew and a niece, Anthony and Pauline March. He has used the inheritance left to his nephew to further the purposes of the conspiracy. Pauline receives a letter from her brother declaring his intention of looking into the matter of his inheritance. Macari suggests the death of the boy to Dr. Ceneri as the one way out of the difficulty. Gilbert Vaughan, a wealthy gentleman, has an affection of the eyes, which has caused him to be temporarily blind. One day, when his servant is run down by a cab, he is left bewildered; he counts the steps and enters a house which he believes to be his own. This house happens to be the one occupied by Dr. Ceneri and Macari. Anthony has arrived and is in an angry discussion with his uncle, when Macari slips up behind and drives his dagger home. Pauline rushes into the room, the shock is too much and she falls unconscious. In the hallway Gilbert Vaughan overhears the quarrel; he enters. Because he is blind they spare him his life. However he is drugged and when he awakens he finds himself in his own home. Two years later, Vaughan, who has recovered his sight, is in Venice. Dr. Ceneri and Sig. Macari are also back in their native land. Pauline, her mind a blank because of the shock over her brother's death, is with them. Vaughan sees the girl and it is a case of love at first sight with him. However, she slips out of sight; he is unable to find sight of her again. Later Vaughan returns to London in despair. One day, while in a museum he again meets Pauline, who is accompanied by her nurse. Through the nurse he secures an introduction to the girl, but her nurse informs him that she does not receive callers. Determined not to be thwarted in his purpose, he follows them home and later calls upon Pauline several times. A love affair is developed. Vaughan proposes marriage. Information of this is carried to the Italians by the nurse. Ceneri sees another chance to win money for "the cause," and so consents to the marriage on condition that the Englishman pay over a certain sum of money, no question asked. Vaughan marries Pauline and then learns that her mind is a blank. Ceneri, in Russia, is caught in a bomb-throwing plot. He is sent to Siberia for life. Macari calls upon Vaughan and informs him that he is Pauline's brother and through honor, he was forced to slay her lover. The shock deprived her of her memory. Vaughan throttles Macari. In the excitement Pauline, for an instant, recalls something of what happened and falls to the floor unconscious. Vaughan drives the fellow from the house. The husband remains at the bedside of Pauline. Coming to herself, she rises as in a trance and walks from the house. Vaughan follows. She makes her way to the house formerly occupied by Macari and Ceneri, and to the room in which the crime was committed. Suddenly, in the darkness of the hall, Vaughan recognizes the place he wandered into while deprived of his sight. Pauline, to the surprise of her husband, utters a scream as her memory returns to her. Macari, involved in a saloon brawl, becomes a fugitive from justice. Vaughan learns of the banishment of Dr. Ceneri and leaves for Siberia to learn the truth respecting his wife from his own lips. He locates Ceneri and secures a dying confession as to the purity of Pauline and the truth of the murder of her brother. He then sets out for London and home. Macari wanders through the back alleys of the city in his flight and by chance enters the house of Vaughan. He comes upon Pauline and tries to get her to rob her husband and leave the country with him. She refuses. Vaughan, returning home, hastens to Pauline's apartment. Macari, hearing him approach, cocks a revolver and tells Pauline he is going to kill her husband. He is thwarted in his purpose, however, by the timely arrival of the police who have surrounded the house. As Vaughan enters the room, a detective shoots Macari from a window, which brings the story to a happy conclusion for the couple.


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