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Marion Davies: Ethel Hoyt



  • Ethel Hoyt : I suppose I'm all wrong, as usual, mother dear!

  • Mrs. Hoyt : You haven't forgotten that this is your father's birthday?

    Ethel Hoyt : I hope father will like his present... I charged it to him.

  • Mrs. Hoyt : When I was your age, nice girls didn't do that sort of thing.

    Ethel Hoyt : You dear, old-fashioned mother, you're just a little behind the times - -- - - that's all!

  • Mrs. Hoyt : Ethel, those stockings! Why ever will you wear them?

    Ethel Hoyt : Shame on you mother - and would you have me go bare-legged?

  • Ethel Hoyt : You have no idea how annoying it is to have six Harvard seniors in love with you at once.

  • Ethel Hoyt : [to three admiring Harvard seniors]  I'm giving a box party - - just for father. I'm taking him to the theater to see his favorite actor. But I'd just love to have you all come - - if you wouldn't be bored... it's the same old Shakespeare.

  • Ethel Hoyt : My latest triumph over these six Harvard seniors makes me confident that I can win any man in the world. Cleopatra must have felt like that. I wish I knew more of that famous vamp's methods alight I can modestly admit I am not so poor at it myself. I don't think Cleopatra had as much of that *je ne sais quoi* which attracts men as I have.

  • Ethel Hoyt : Father, please don't be a grouch at the theatre tonight. I've invited some very distinguished college men to join us. They're quite willing to like you, so I do want you to make a nice impression on them.

    Mr. Hoyt : Nice impression! On those dancing lizards!

  • Ethel Hoyt : Really, Mr. Eddison, I'm too tired. Besides, a woman of my age finds very little amusement in dancing. I came here merely to study types.

  • Ethel Hoyt : Really, Mr. Eddison, for a man immune to feminine charms, you are quite discerning.

  • Ethel Hoyt : Is it true that actors aren't a bit clever but only seem so because authors write bright things for them to say?

  • Mr. Hoyt : See here, young lady, I've just learned that you've taken up with an actor.

    Ethel Hoyt : But he's a friend of yours, old dear.

    Mr. Hoyt : Friend or enemy, I don't want my daughter running around with an actor with a past! I could tell you stories about him that would put a permanent wave on the brightest head shining on earth. Anyway, I don't want you running around with him - and that's final!

    Ethel Hoyt : All right, papa... But what a life we modern women are forced to lead, with blue laws, prohibition and old fashioned parents.

  • Nalia McCabe : We've been looking everywhere for the right girl to play the Princess in our 'Sleeping Beauty'. Miss Hoyt is exactly the type.

    Ethel Hoyt : I'd love to, only... couldn't you make it a pageant about Cleopatra? I'd feel more at home impersonating Egypt's famous queen. I've made quite a study of her methods.

  • Ethel Hoyt : I'm so tired, mother... tired of men, and everything.

  • Ernest Eddison : Why the aloofness, Ethel? Don't you think you're unfair to me? If I thought you cared...

    Ethel Hoyt : What do you care to know how much I care to know how much you care?

  • [last lines] 

    Ethel Hoyt : After all, Ernie, maybe I have been tamed, and... and I'm glad father asked *you* to do it!

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