Dr. Mabuse the Gambler (1922) Poster

Rudolf Klein-Rogge: Dr. Mabuse



  • Countess Dusy Told : I have learned of something that until recently I didn't believe, that there still apparently exists in this world something more valuable and more deeply moving than the strongest thrill. Love , , ,

    Dr. Mabuse : There is no love. There is only desire! There is no happiness. There is only the will to power!

  • Prosecutor von Wenk : [On the phone]  This is Prosecutor von Wenk! Dr. Mabuse, I ask you to offer no resistance against the state authorities and turn yourself in.

    Dr. Mabuse : I feel like a state within a state with which I have always been at war! If you want me, come and get me!

    Prosecutor von Wenk : We are prepared to move against you using the harshest measures. Give up your senseless resistance!

  • Dr. Mabuse : [First lines]  You're hopped up on cocaine again, Spoerri!

  • Countess Dusy Told : I'm afraid there's absolutely nothing in this world that can hold my interest in the long run. Everything that can be observed from a car, from a theater box or from the window, is part repulsive, part uninteresting, and, at least, boring.

    Dr. Mabuse : You're right, Countess. Nothing in this world is interesting in the long run, except for one thing: Gambling with people and with the fates of people.

  • Prosecutor von Wenk : Those are Chinese glasses.

    Dr. Mabuse : Yes, from TSI-NAN-FU-!

  • Dr. Mabuse : About to make a fuss, you swine? What am I paying you for, if at the first opportunity you flounder like schoolgirls?

  • Georg, the Chauffeur : We can't go out. The police have the house surrounded!

    Dr. Mabuse : Then it's war!

  • Dr. Mabuse : You goddamned snooping dog!

  • Dr. Mabuse : I'll give you one more week for Wenk, so you can get the job done right, but not one minute longer.

  • Dr. Mabuse : The woman. That woman!

  • Dr. Mabuse : Now the world shall learn who I am! I, Mabuse! I will become a giant, a titan who scatters the gods and the laws into a swirl like withered leaves!

  • Dr. Mabuse : [Posing as Sandor Weltmann]  Ladies and Gentlemen, I would now like to demonstrate for you one of the most typical cases of mass suggestion, which is not unlike the tricks of the Indian Fakirs which arise from it.

  • Dr. Mabuse : [Repeated line]  TSI-NAN-FU-!

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