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Is Brooke Hogan too Distracting for College?

Is the Hogan Family too cool for school? In the case of 19-year-old daughter Brooke Hogan and the University of South Florida, Florida State University and the University of Central Florida, the answer is yes. Hoping to film the VH1 reality show Hogan Knows Best with a nine-camera-wielding production team, the young member of the wrestler's family was denied admission at those institutions out of concerns that she and her crew might disrupt the others students' academic lives, the Palm Beach Post reports.The upshot was, on Tuesday and Wednesday, Hogan (real name: Brooke Ellen Bollea) went to the southeast
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Carrie Underwood: 'I've Been Cheated On'

Carrie Underwood, who has been linked to such famous men as football star Tony Romo and Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford, says she's experienced heartbreak at the hands of an unfaithful boyfriend – but remains mum on the culprit. "I've been cheated on a time or two. It's tough," she tells InStyle in the May issue, on newsstands Friday. "I wouldn't recommend doing any property damage, though," she laughs, a reference to her Grammy-winning song "Before He Cheats" about a woman who trashes her boyfriend's truck. "Now I'm to the point where you get one shot. Life's too short," adds the Season 4 American Idol champ,
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Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo's Cake-Licking Birthday Celebration

Jessica Simpson serenaded her beau Tony Romo at his birthday bash on Saturday night in Dallas – and fed him some cake. The affectionate pair showed up at Suite, an exclusive nightspot, to celebrate Romo's 28th birthday a few days early. (His actual birthday is Monday, April 21.) The get-together included a blue, star-shaped, No. 9 birthday cake – a nod to the Dallas Cowboys star's jersey number – champagne, and lots of dancing at the crowded club. At one point in the evening, Simpson got on the mic and sang "Happy Birthday" to her beau – then they started feeding each other cake. (See more pics from the feeding here.
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Ferrets cause chaos at 'Talent' auditions

Piers Morgan's dream of finding a world-class animal act suffered a setback when a group of ferrets caused chaos at Britain's Got Talent auditions in Manchester.

Before setting off on the road for a new batch of auditions on the ITV1 reality show, Piers had revealed: "I'm hoping we will find some great animal acts."

However, auditionees Caz and Judy failed to match his expectations when they took to the stage in Manchester and claimed to have a group of dancing ferrets.

"It's quite well known that ferrets can do the weasel war dance," Caz revealed, "if you wave anything . . .
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Judges to show off on 'Talent' spinoff

The judges will get the chance to show off their own skills on the new series of Britain's Got Talent's ITV2 spinoff.

Britain's Got More Talent will include a segment in which Piers Morgan demonstrates hidden gifts such as rapping and impersonations.

He said: "I played 'Let It Be' on the piano, did impressions of Tony Blair and Bill Clinton, body-popped, rapped, and did some magic and ended with a bit of shovel-twirling - which is baton-twirling with a shovel. I think everyone was very impressed."

Host Stephen . . .
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Lawyer: K-Fed Getting a 'Bad Rap' on Expenses

Whether it was a $1,100 tip at an L.A. restaurant or a $2,000 tip at a Vegas strip club, Kevin Federline's 2007 spending – detailed in recently released financial documents – has critics buzzing over his lavish lifestyle. But his lawyer says they need to look at the bigger picture before passing judgment. "He's totally getting a bad rap here," according to Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, who says the "court of public opinion" is focusing on a few outstanding expenditures. "It seems like an unnecessary attempt to knock him when there's really no basis to do that." Kaplan claims that even the
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Stamos Aids Injured Extra

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Stamos Aids Injured Extra
E.R. star nm0001764 autoJohn Stamos[/link] came to the aid of an extra on the show after he fell and dislocated his knee.

The actor - who plays paramedic nm1721464 autoTony Gates[/link] in the hit show - leaped into action and packed ice around the fallen actor's joint, before popping it back into place.

He said, "You dislocated it. I did the same thing to my own knee. Keep the ice on it for a while. tt0018033 autoIt[/link] should be fine."

Stamos stayed with the extra until a studio nurse - who confirmed his diagnosis - could attend to him.

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