New York Nights (1929) Poster

Norma Talmadge: Jill Deverne



  • Jill Deverne : [Norma Talmadge's first line of spoken dialogue on film - said down a dumbwaiter shaft to who she thinks is the iceman]  Twenty-five pounds. And don't give my chunk a twice-over shave.

    Joe Prividi : [said up the dumbwaiter shaft after sending up a stolen box of flowers with a note for her birthday]  Good morning, Jill.

    Jill Deverne : Good morning, Mr. Prividi.

    Joe Prividi : Mrs. Deverne, as I wished ya' wasn't.

    Jill Deverne : You stop this silly flower business! Do you hear me?

    Joe Prividi : Why? It's your boithday, ain' it, huh?

    Jill Deverne : Well, who told you to celebrate it?

    Joe Prividi : My heart, darling. My heart.

    Jill Deverne : Well, shut it off, or my husband might plug it for you.

    Joe Prividi : [laughing]  That's not his racket. That piano player couldn't plug nothin' but a song.

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