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Cabin Fever
boblipton7 October 2002
Well-acted, believable triangle as caddish Paul Cavanagh and honorable William Boyd -- no, the other one -- almost come to blows over Lupe Velez, while he food in the snow-stranded cabin is on the verge of giving out. And who could blame them? Will they kill each other or will the storm do it for them? Early writing credit for John Huston.
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A Sleeper
GManfred16 August 2018
Bucking the prevailing wisdom, I thought this picture was engrossing and much better than the website's present rating. Please don't take my title the wrong way - I mean an underrated film, not a dull and tedious one. It has some sterling credits; written by John Huston and Directed by William Wyler, and this picture grows on you.

Two men and a woman are marooned in a cabin during a winter in the Canadian mountains, and it avoids the obvious pitfall of bogging down in tedium. It is a compelling character study flawlessly acted by the 3 principals, especially Lupe Velez, who I always considered a lightweight, and by William "Stage" Boyd, who often plays a heavy. The two men men fall in love with her, and the question is, which one will she choose? Well worth your time if the opportunity arises. Sown at Capitolfest, Rome, NY 8/18

7/10 - Website no longer prints my star rating.
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