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Marian Marsh: Susie Sachs



  • Susie Sachs : I'm a stenographer and I want a position.

  • Susie Sachs : Today's a crisis. Either I get work or else - or else, this afternoon...

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : This afternoon? You'll - you'll do something desperate?

    Susie Sachs : Yes. Something I've fought against for months.

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : What, Susie?

    Susie Sachs : I'll go to the movies with our landlord's son.

  • Susie Sachs : Here is my notebook and pencil. I'm all prepared. Please, dictate to me! Please!

  • Susie Sachs : Faster! Much faster!

  • Susie Sachs : [on the phone]  1-1-7-5-1 please. The Vienna Market? Mr. Martz, it's Susie Sachs. Will you please send some things up to my mother at once? Five pounds of flour. Two pounds of dog meat. One pound of coffee, the best. And a dozen eggs. And two pounds of butter, no, one pound. I mustn't spend too much.

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : [pokes his head around the door]  Order what you need. You shall have an advance in salary.

    Susie Sachs : And six cans of sardines! And a half a pound of chocolate. And a few frankfurters. The big ones?

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : Yes! Yes! The largest!

    Susie Sachs : Yes! Yes! The largest!

  • Baron Paul von Ullrich : Susie, I've just been admiring you. Has anyone ever told you that you're a very lovely girl?

    Susie Sachs : Why - yes. My mother.

  • Baron Paul von Ullrich : Why not come downstairs and have a dance with me? Hear the music?

    Susie Sachs : Well, thanks, but I have so much work to do.

    Baron Paul von Ullrich : Oh, come on. You have plenty of time to work when you're old and ugly. Now's the time to play!

  • Susie Sachs : Do you wish to make an appointment to see the Baron?

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : Don't bother. I'll call him on the telephone.

    Susie Sachs : I answer the telephone.

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : I'll call him in his room, late. You won't answer it then, will you?

    Susie Sachs : Of course not.

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : I didn't think you would.

  • Susie Sachs : Do you think she followed the Baron here?

    Count Von Tolheim : It's quite possible. Has he sent her any checks?

    Susie Sachs : He never sends checks to ladies. But, he makes out lots of orders to cash which he charges to personal expenses. Thousands and thousands. Do you suppose she's personal expenses?

  • Baron Josef von Ullrich : Now, Susie.

    Susie Sachs : Yes?

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : My congratulations. You work like a man - morning, noon and night! Now, you must play! You must enjoy yourself. I want to show my appreciation. What do you need? What do you want?

  • Olive 'Ollie' Frey : What a child you are! Not to know that the minute a man is told he can't see a woman, he lets nothing keep him from her. Tonight, you turned me into a sort of a forbidden fruit. And you remember what happened to Adam?

    Susie Sachs : Yes, he got mixed up with a snake.

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : Well, you've thrown him right into a snake's arms.

    Susie Sachs : How vulgar you are!

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : You think it's vulgar to be in a man's arms? If it is, I hope I never get refined.

  • Olive 'Ollie' Frey : Since you're tossing around bouquets, I'll hand you one. You're a very pretty girl yourself. Quite a decent figure. Really, a sweet little shape. But, it's no use to you. You don't know what to do with it.

    Susie Sachs : What do you mean by that?

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : I mean you don't know how to make men realize you have "it". Your one ambition is to be a perfect machine. But, you've never learned how to be a woman.

  • Susie Sachs : I don't understand what he sees in a creature like you!

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : He sees a woman that's warm and human. Who's skin is soft and perfumed. Who isn't afraid to let herself go! A woman who understands all his little weaknesses.

  • Olive 'Ollie' Frey : Don't you think his heart beats faster when I leaned against him by accident.

    Susie Sachs : By accident?

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : By intentional accident. And how men love it! It's like this. A quick movement! Your hand touches his for a breathtaking second. You pull away and say naively, "Oh, pardon me." He murmurs something.

    Susie Sachs : I wonder...

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : The air is charged with electricity! He struggles for his self-control. Just as he almost has it...

    Susie Sachs : Yes?

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : You start all over again and then his arms begin to ache to hold you. They steal around and if you're a smart girl you say, "Oh, no, you mustn't."

    Susie Sachs : And then he stops?

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : Stops? Of course he doesn't stop. He goes on! He pulls you closer. You struggle! But, not much.

    Susie Sachs : What does he say?

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : Oh, it doesn't matter. You don't care! You're head begins to whirl. A delicious faintness sweeps over you. His eyes burn into yours.

    Susie Sachs : His eyes!

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : His mouth comes closer. You are limp. You resist no more. Your eyelashes flutter down. You can see no longer. All you know is the wonderful strength of his embrace!

    Susie Sachs : And then?

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : He kisses you!

    Susie Sachs : And then?

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : And then - say, just how far do you want me to go?

  • Olive 'Ollie' Frey : You're just a well oiled and regulated machine. You'll probably marry another machine and have a flock of little typewriters.

    Susie Sachs : Even that would be better than to be like you! All you think about is lovemaking!

    Olive 'Ollie' Frey : Well, what else is there to think about?

  • Susie Sachs : I don't understand?

    Count Von Tolheim : Of course you don't. That's what's so delightful about you, Susie. You're like a clean white page but which no one has written a line. And the first inscription should be - a beautiful poem.

  • Baron Paul von Ullrich : Susie, you're adorable.

    Susie Sachs : I'm going to live every second of this wonderful evening. We'll dance and sing and be happy. Oh, there's a magic in this Paris! It goes to my head.

    Baron Paul von Ullrich : You little siren!

    Susie Sachs : Am I really a siren? Oh, I'd rather be called a siren than anything else on earth!

  • Susie Sachs : Have one drink at the bar and one cigarette and I'll appear.

  • Susie Sachs : Baron, will you please accept my apology for the way I acted a little while ago?

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : Yes, of course. Let's forget about it. I can't expect you to be entirely without temperament. After all, you're a woman.

  • Baron Josef von Ullrich : Is that then a new evening gown?

    Susie Sachs : Yes. Do you like it?

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : Oh, it's very effective. Very! How it changes you. The back of your neck is desirable. So young! And curls are enticing. Your pretty round little arms. Why I never noticed them?

    Susie Sachs : They've always been covered up by my cuffs.

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : Do they feel as smooth as they look.

    Susie Sachs : I don't know.

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : I wonder? Why yes, they're even smoother!

    Susie Sachs : I'm glad you weren't disappointed.

  • Susie Sachs : You don't understand. I'm so ashamed.

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : Why should you be ashamed? You haven't done anything.

    Susie Sachs : Oh, yes I have. It was my fault! I'm the blame for it all.

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : All what? You mean my taking you in my arms and making love to you?

  • Baron Josef von Ullrich : Susie, I want that kiss and I'm going to have it. I'm mad about you. Susie, don't you know you're enough to drive a man out of his senses?

    Susie Sachs : That's just woman hunger! And any soft, sweet smelling female could satisfy.

  • Susie Sachs : I'm not satisfied to sneak into a man's arms and be kissed just because I happen to be there! That's too easy for him. I want a man to climb mountains to get me. I want him to pass by all the other woman and kick down the door, just to kiss me.

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : Susie, you're wonderful!

    Susie Sachs : When I love a man, he must ache and long and burn for me. He must be hungry and thirsty forever, unless I came along. I, Susie Sachs. No other woman on earth must do. That's the sort of love I want!

  • Susie Sachs : Until now, I've only known the hunger of food. The delicatessen window has all I wanted. But, now I'm well fed and I'm still unsatisfied - for I know that I really have nothing.

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : What do you want, Susie?

    Susie Sachs : Something beautiful! Something I can see though the window of life. At first, I thought I only wanted to look on. But that isn't enough. I want to be in it, of it!

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : Go on, little mouse.

    Susie Sachs : I want beautiful clothes! Shining automobiles. Love! I want to be filled to the brim with living!

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : What's happened to you?

    Susie Sachs : I don't know what has happened to me. It's such a mysterious, sweet feeling! It intoxicates me! But, it isn't the champagne, now.

    Baron Josef von Ullrich : You're finally awake, Susie. You see ahead of you a new world. A world full of unexpected joys.

  • Baron Josef von Ullrich : I want to dictate a message. A very important one. Would that be asking too much?

    Susie Sachs : I'd be glad to do it.

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