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MartinHafer27 September 2018
There are a couple things you might want to note from the opening credits. First, the director, William Goodrich, is actually Fatty Arbuckle. Following his well-publicized rape trials (he was later found not guilty and the jury went so far as to say that there was NO evidence he did anything wrong), he couldn't find work. So, he used this pseudonym and went behind the camera. Second, there are two actors named Monte Collins--Junior and Senior. This is the son, Monte Junior.

Monte is approached by a boxer and his pal. They want to stage a phony bout and let Monte win. That way, they can bet all their money on Monte and make a killing. Later, however, after agreeing to the fight, Monte overhears the pair talking...and the boxer plans on beating the stuffing out of Monte. Is there any hope?!

This is only mildly interesting and few real laughs. The big joke involves the boxer swallowing a strange sort of balloon and making honking noises. Nuff said!
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