Duck Soup (1933) Poster


Charles Middleton: Prosecutor


  • Prosecutor : Something must be done! War would mean a prohibitive increase in our taxes.

    Chicolini : Hey, I got an uncle lives in Taxes.

    Prosecutor : No, I'm talking about taxes - money, dollars!

    Chicolini : Dollars! There's-a where my uncle lives! Dollars, Taxes!

  • Chicolini : Now I aska you one. What has a trunk, but no key, weighs 2,000 pounds and lives in a circus?

    Prosecutor : That's irrelevant.

    Chicolini : Irrelephant? Hey, that'sa that answer. There's a whole lot of irrelephants in the circus.

  • Prosecutor : Chicolini, when were you born?

    Chicolini : I don't-a remember. I was just a little baby.

    Prosecutor : Isn't it true you tried to sell Freedonia's secret war code and plans?

    Chicolini : Sure, I sold a code and two pair of plans.

  • Prosecutor : Chicolini, you're charged with high treason, and if found guilty, you'll be shot.

    Chicolini : I object.

    Prosecutor : You object? On what grounds?

    Chicolini : I couldn't think of anything else to say.

    Rufus T. Firefly : Objection sustained.

    Prosecutor : Your Excellency, you sustain the objection?

    Rufus T. Firefly : Sure, I couldn't think of anything else to say either. Why don't you object?

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