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25 mainly forgotten Us number 1 movies from the 2000s

Kevin Spacey, Steven Seagal and, erm, Kangaroo Jack: they all nabbed the box office top spot last decade...

By the end of the 2000s, getting number one at the American box office was a valuable marketing commodity. As such, studios pumped more and more money into making sure they at least had a great opening weekend for their product.

The consequence of this was that it was harder and harder for smaller and quirkier films to take a brief spot in the sun. Certainly towards the second half of the decade, it seems that the number one movie each week was pre-ordinained in a marketing meeting somewhere.

Still, there were some films that have since fallen out of public view that clawed their way to number one. How many of these do you remember?

Eye Of The Beholder

January 2000, one week

Based on Marc Behm's book of the same name,
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Sony, Immersive Plan New Film Slate

Sony Pictures and Immersive Pictures have announced that the companies have begun a two-year first-look deal and have five projects currently in the works. Immersive, run by Josh Bratman who previously worked under Sony's current president of production Michael De Luca, will develop the films which Sony will help produce and distribute should they go forward.

The five films consist of three graphic novel and two novel adaptations. Comics that are becoming films include "World War Z" author Max Brooks' "The Harlem Hellfighters," Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s "Descender," and Scott McCloud's "The Sculptor" with Scott Rudin producing the latter.

One of the novels is "The Black Count," an adaptation of Tom Reiss' biography of General Alex Dumas who was father to famed "Three Musketeers" and "Count of Monte Cristo" author Alexandre Dumas. "Jane Eyre" and "True Detective" helmer Cary Fukunaga is attached to direct that film.
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One for all: new Machiavellian role for Capaldi in BBC's Musketeers

Actor renowned for role of ruthless spin doctor Malcolm Tucker to play Cardinal Richelieu in adaptation of Dumas classic book

He gave the nation a glimpse of his role as Doctor Who on Christmas Day, but before that series returns viewers will first have a chance to re-examine the political machinations of Peter Capaldi, as he takes on the role of Cardinal Richelieu in BBC1's gritty, updated take on the tale of the Three Musketeers.

The 10-part drama, which will begin next month and appears destined for a Saturday-night slot, is a modern take on the Alexandre Dumas tale without doing what its writer Adrian Hodges described as the "full Sherlock".

The feathers and the tabards are gone – fans of the 1973 Richard Chamberlain film will be disappointed – and in their place is a world that is a "bit smelly, a bit dirty", said Hodges. "But it's still about heroes,
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David Goyer to Bring That ‘Dark Knight’ Je Ne Sais Whatever to ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’

Do you remember back in 2002 when Kevin Reynolds—the guy who made Waterworld—made a movie called The Count of Monte Cristo? It starred Luis Guzmán and some other dudes? The one about the guy who breaks out of prison and then uses a treasure he gets told about to pose as someone else and exact revenge on those who wrongly imprisoned him? Well, it’s a little known fact that this story didn’t actually originate with the 2002 film. It was actually written by a guy named Alexandre Dumas (sounds Italian) quite a bit earlier than 2002. An even more obscure fact is that Dumas is the same guy who wrote that Three Musketeers movie that Paul W.S. Anderson made in 2011. Or something, I dunno, all of these Hollywood guys are tough to keep track of. The point of this helpful and informative history lesson is that we’re about to see another retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo, one
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David Goyer Boards Monte Cristo Reboot

The Count of Monte Cristo, the 19th century tale of a falsely imprisoned young man Edmond Dantes who gains his education while jailed, last saw a big screen adaptation in Kevin Reynold’s 2002 sword-fighting movie which starred Jim Caviezel and Guy Pearce. The feature was a minor hit at the time, but it has since gone on to gather quite a following. THR broke the news first that Alexandre Dumas’ ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ will receive a graphic novel update. David S. Goyer will reportedly sign on for the director’s chair for an adaptation of the classic revenge tale that is being made by... Related posts: Guillermo del Toro To Adapt The Count Of Monte Cristo? The Dark Knight Storyman David Goyer On Batman 3 Rumors David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan Working on Batman 3 Script? Three Musketeers Set For Big-Screen Return Christopher Nolan Working On Superman Reboot
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'Skins', 'Merlin' stars to lead BBC One's 'The Musketeers'

BBC One has announced an all-star cast for its new drama series The Musketeers.

Skins star Luke Pasqualino will play D'Artagnan in the 10-parter, from Primeval co-creator Adrian Hodges.

The 23-year-old will star opposite Merlin's Santiago Cabrera (Aramis), The Hour's Tom Burke (Athos) and theatre actor Howard Charles (Porthos).

Peter Capaldi has also been cast as the shadowy Cardinal Richlieu in the "fresh and contemporary take" on Alexandre Dumas's classic novel.

"I'm thrilled to be working with such a dynamic, talented and attractive ensemble cast on our new version of The Musketeers," said Hodges.

"This series is all about passion, romance, heroism and action, and I can't think of a better group of actors to embody those diverse qualities."

> Three Musketeers drama, The Lady Vanishes for BBC One

Ben Stephenson, Controller, BBC Drama, added: "The ambition of this drama is clearly illustrated with such a world class
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Peter Capaldi to play Cardinal Richelieu in Musketeers adaptation

The Thick of It actor will star alongside Luke Pasqualino and Tom Burke in 10-part adaptation on BBC1 to air in 2014

As The Thick of It's Malcolm Tucker, Peter Capaldi is familiar with playing a ruthless enforcer whose opponents pay for their dissent with their (political) life.

Now the Bafta-winning actor is to play Cardinal Richelieu in a new BBC1 adaptation of The Musketeers.

The 10-part adaptation is described by screenwriter Adrian Hodges as a "grown-up" take on the novel by Alexandre Dumas, which will use it as a starting point to take them on a whole new series of adventures.

The Musketeers will star Luke Pasqualino (Skins, The Borgias) as D'Artagnan, Tom Burke (Great Expectations, The Hour) as Athos, Santiago Cabrera (Merlin, Heroes) as Aramis and the Royal Shakespeare Company's Howard Charles as Porthos.

Hodges said: "The fact that Peter wanted to do it was wonderful, and in
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‘Resident Evil’ fans deserve better ‘Retribution’

Resident Evil: Retribution

Written by Paul W.S. Anderson

Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson

USA/Canada/Germany, 2012

In returning to direct Afterlife, a fourth franchise installment following two mostly thrilling sequels to his Lewis Carroll-inspired “Resident Evil” adaptation (both of which he still had a hand in writing and producing), the commercially controversial Paul W.S. Anderson displayed a love for the characters and stories he’d injected in to the source video game’s lore. For those of us predisposed to liking the director’s work and particularly the stylized escapades of Milla Jovovich’s Alice & co., Afterlife is a revelation in action filmmaking – a redefinition of its series and a soaring high for Anderson that does new 3D the way it’s meant to be seen. The speedy leap back to the Umbrella-controlled world after a pitstop in spectacle-infused Alexandre Dumas territory with The Three Musketeers makes for the
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BBC America Producing ‘Three Musketeers’ TV Series

Alexandre DumasThe Three Musketeers have existed in many different iterations – some of them extremely faithful to the writings of the French author – while others, like Paul W.S. Anderson’s 2011 film, not so much. But that doesn’t stop production companies from continually rejuvenating the property – breathing new life into Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.

That’s exactly what BBC America, purveyor of our weekly Whovian fix, hopes to do in their just announced Three Musketeers TV series, which they are coproducing with BBC One. Titled succinctly The Musketeers, this 10-episode series will follow the exploits of three brothers assigned to protect the King and their country.As with any good adaptation, some liberties have been taken to make the series more palatable for television audiences, and to serialize a single story into a compelling set ...

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'Three Musketeers' Clip: Logan Lerman Says 'En Garde!'

'Three Musketeers' Clip: Logan Lerman Says 'En Garde!'
He might not be one of the titular legendary swordsmen, but d'Artagnan can certainly hold his own in this exclusive clip from the Blu-ray release of "The Three Musketeers."

The special edition disc hits stores on March 13th, but we have a clip from the film to get you in the mood for some swashbuckling.

In the clip, the young hero, Logan Lerman as d'Artagnan, fends off a host of bladed attackers as his companions, the Three Musketeers, look on and frankly, don't offer enough help. Not that he needs any. He kicks a great deal of ass all by himself.

Directed by the man behind the "Resident Evil" films, Paul W.S. Anderson, "The Three Musketeers" is a highly stylized take on the classic Alexandre Dumas tales. Matthew Macfadyen, Luke Evans and Ray Stevenson star as the musketeers. The film also features Milla Jovovich and Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz.
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Review: The Three Musketeers

  • Comicmix
Like most Americans, I learned about Alexander DumasThree Musketeers from their countless adaptations on screen and in print. For me, it was probably Sheldon Mayer’s Three Mouseketeers reprints along with the rallying cry of “One for all, and all for one” shouted by just about every cartoon, sitcom and prime time drama at one point or another. Sure, there was the delightful two film adaptation made by Ilya Salkind that was instrumental in their approach to Superman the Movie and my kids grew up adoring the somewhat boiled down, tongue-slightly-in-cheek version from Disney with a great cast (Oliver Platt, Kiefer Sutherland, Tim Curry, etc.). It wasn’t until last year that I actually read the book in its entirety and it was a revelation.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Billed as a modern retelling, The Three Musketeers from Summit Entertainment, was therefore eagerly awaited. It had
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The Three Musketeers 3D Blu-ray Review!

  • Cinelinx
The Movie Pool gets a Milla Jovovich fix from The Three Musketeers 3D Blu-ray!

The Set-up

The Musketeers must foil a plot by Milady (Milla Jovovich) and the Duke of Buckingham (Orlando Bloom) against the French king and queen. Also stars Logan Lerman and Ray Stevenson.

Directed by: Paul W.S. Anderson

The Delivery

Director Paul W.S. Anderson's 3D take on The Three Musketeers is unlike any other adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas classic. Other takes may have emphasized the comedy or the action, but this film takes the interpretation to a whole other level. Anderson's Musketeers is outrageous, silly, historically inaccurate, loud, and totally preposterous. It is also incredibly entertaining, an impressive guilty pleasure if there ever was one.

Anderson has been widely criticized as a director for his over-the-top films, but you cannot deny that they are fun to watch. The Resident Evil films, starring his real-life wife Milla Jovovich,
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The Three Musketeers 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD Clips

In anticipation of the March 13th release of The Three Musketeers on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray & DVD Wamg presents you with these awesome clips and still images.

The Three Musketeers - Film Clip: “Da Vinci’s Vault”

The Three Musketeers - Film Clip: “It’s a Horse, Is It”

The Three Musketeers - Film Clip: “Milady’s Rooftop Fight”

They are known as Porthos, Athos, and Aramis.three elite warriors who serve the King of France as his best Musketeers. After discovering an evil conspiracy to overthrow the King, the Musketeers come across a young, aspiring hero . D.Artagnan . and take him under their wing. Together, the four embark on a dangerous mission to foil the plot that not only threatens the Crown, but the future of Europe itself.

The Three Musketeers — a modern retelling of Alexander Dumas. timeless swashbuckling classic . arrives on 3D Blu-ray., Blu-ray and DVD March 13th from Summit Entertainment.
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Blu-ray, 3D, DVD Release: The Three Musketeers

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: March 13, 2012

Price: DVD $26.99, Blu-ray $30.49, Blu-ray 3D $34.99

Studio: Summit Entertainment

Alexandre Dumas‘ novel is perhaps one of the most adapted for the big screen, and the 2011 The Three Musketeers movie is closer to the source material than the 1993 film of the same name.

Matthew Macfadyen (The Pillars of the Earth), Luke Evans (Immortals) and Ray Stevenson (Thor) play the Three Musketeers in the 2011 version, with Logan Lerman (Gamer) as hot-headed D’Artagnan. The three once-legendary French swashbucklers are now down on their luck but are called to reunite for a new mission. They must defeat Milady de Winter (Milla Jovovich, Stone), a beautiful double agent whose villainous employer has his eyes set on the French throne and pushing Europe into war.

Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the Caribbean movies) also stars in the action adventure movie as the Duke of Buckingham, as well as Christoph Waltz (Carnage) as
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The Three Musketeers 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD Debut March 13th

The Three Musketeers 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD Debut March 13th
The Three Musketeers -- a modern retelling of Alexandre Dumas' timeless swashbuckling classic - arrives on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD March 13th from Summit Entertainment. This exciting adventure for the whole family stars Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Lightning Thief), Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the Caribbean films), Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil films) and Academy Award-winner Christoph Waltz (Best Supporting Actor, Inglourious Basterds).

With powerful special effects and explosive visuals, The Three Musketeers comes to life onscreen as Athos (Matthew Macfadyen), Porthos (Ray Stevenson) and Aramis (Luke Evans), along with aspiring warrior, D'Artagnan (Lerman), embark on a dangerous and legendary mission across Europe to save both their King and country - "all for one and one for all."

The Three Musketeers is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil) and co-written by Alex Litvak (Predators).

The 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD contain special features that include audio commentary with the director,
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The Three Musketeers Reaches Blockbuster Status (Overseas)

Director Paul W.S. Anderson's (Resident Evil: Afterlife) adaptation of Alexandre Dumas's The Three Musketeers hasn't made much of an impact here in the United States, but it has reached "blockbuster status" thanks to overseas ticket sales.

According to THR, the swashbuckling 3-D romp has passed the $100 million mark in total box office after a successful opening weekend in Japan and a grossing $5.8M worldwide over the weekend, putting the movie at $101.2 million worldwide. Almost all of that comes from foreign box office, since The Three Musketeers opened in the U.S. in fourth place on its opening weekend, only earning $8.8 million. Reviews eviscerated the movie, describing it as "campy" and, worse yet, "awful."

But were only bad reviews to blame? Three Musketeers actress Milla Jovovich, who often uses Twitter to update fans about her projects, bashed distributor Summit Entertainment, remarking that they were too busy with The Twilight
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The Three Musketeers – Review

Alexandre Dumas is turning in his grave. The new Paul W.S. Anderson flick, The Three Musketeers is absolutely abismal. I refuse to spend more time than needed to describe the level of crap that is The Three Musketeers. I’ll start with a short list of reason why I despised this flick:

1. Flying machines don’t belong in this story.

2. Modern dialogue doesn’t work in this story.

3. I might have enjoyed it if it was instead titled, Resident Evil: Three Musketeers.

4. Did I mention the flying machines?

I really wanted to like this movie, I really, really did, but instead the flick made me miss the good old days when Charlie Sheen and Kiefer Sutherland were winning as the Musketeers. I know as a reviewer I’m supposed to go into great detail about the film, and all the elements that make it a whole, but every time
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Paranormal Activity 3 a Box Office Treat with $54 Million Weekend

Paranormal Activity 3 put a smile on everyone's face at Paramount in delivering record-setting numbers in its pre-Halloween debut, ending a lengthy stagnant period for Hollywood that began after Rise of the Planet of the Apes exceeded expectations the first week of August. The horror prequel/sequel sure to become a Halloween mainstay easily trounced not only the rival openings of The Three Musketeers and Johnny English Reborn, but the entire top ten - and most likely twenty - combined. The top ten was up a huge 48% from last weekend, but down an oh-so-slight 0.8% from the same frame a year ago.

In what appears to becoming an annual tradition the way Lionsgate's completed Saw series (remember those?) was, Paramount's Paranormal Activity 3 delivered some early thrills by opening the week before All Hallows Eve. True to the nature of the franchise, the production budget was kept low and marketing effectively
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Weekend Box Office: Paranormal Activity 3 Scares Up Record Opening

Paramount's low-budget, low-tech sequel Paranormal Activity 3 delivered a record-setting bow in its pre-Halloween debut, ending a stagnant period for Hollywood that started off in early August. The film easily trounced not only the rival openings of The Three Musketeers and Johnny English Reborn, but the entire top ten -and most likely twenty- combined. The top ten was up a huge 48% from last weekend but down an oh-so slight 0.8% from this time a year ago.

In what appears to becoming an annual tradition the way Lionsgate's Saw series (remember those?) was, Paramount's Paranormal Activity 3 delivered some early thrills by opening the week before All Hallows Eve. True to the nature of the franchise, the production budget was kept low and marketing effectively built its opening-weekend buzz through social media outlets such as Twitter, which offered fans the chance to see the film first if they Tweeted about it. The
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Milla Jovovich unhappy with Summit's handling of bomb 'Three Musketeers'

  • Hitfix
Milla Jovovich unhappy with Summit's handling of bomb 'Three Musketeers'
Summit Entertainment's pricey "Three Musketeers" appears to be a flop as it opened rather soft on Friday, and co-star Milla Jovovich seems to know who's to blame.  In early box office reports, "Musketeers" only scraped up $2.9 million on Friday, indicating that the film will likely have a debut draw of around $10, including inflated 3D ticket prices. The film cost around $90 million to produce. Jovovich, probably best known for her role in the R-rated "Resident Evil" films, took to Twitter while in Tokyo this morning to voice her disapproval of Summit's handling of Paul W.S. Anderson's 3D take on Alexandre Dumas' swashbuckling...
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