Shall We Dance (1937) Poster

Lew Kelly: Policeman at Jail


  • Jeffrey Baird : [picks up phone]  Hello?

    Cecil Flintridge : Oh, hello, Jeffrey. Yes, are you there?

    Jeffrey Baird : Of course I'm here.

    Cecil Flintridge : Now don't shout at me - I'm in jail.

    Jeffrey Baird : Well, that's all right; we don't need you.

    Cecil Flintridge : I'm in jail for battery, and I want you to get me out. I'm at the Susquehannah Street Jail . . . Susquehannah! Susquehannah - S-U-S-Q-U-Q! Q! You know, the thing you play billiards with . . . Billiards! B-I-L-L-

    Policeman at Jail : What is this, a spelling bee?

    Cecil Flintridge : Ahem. No, "L" for larynx. L-A-R-Y . . . N-No, not "M", N! . . . "N" as in neighbor! Neighbor, N-E-I-G-H-B--B! B! Bzzz. Bzzz. You know, the stinging insect! Insect! I-N-S-S! S, for symbol. S-Y . . . Y! Y!

    Jeffrey Baird : Well, why? Don't ask me "why."

    Cecil Flintridge : Look, Jeffrey. I'm in jail. W-wait a minute. What jail did you say this was?

    Policeman at Jail : Susquehannah Street Jail.

    Cecil Flintridge : Thank you, indeed. Thank you very much. I'm in the Substi--The Subset-Jeffrey, listen closely . . . Do you know where the Oak Street Jail is? You do? Fine. I'll have them transfer me there in the morning!

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