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It’s Always Fair Weather

When MGM was almost a ghost town, the Arthur Freed unit hit one last 'special' factory musical out of the park with this strangely melancholy ode to faded ambitions. Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisse, Dan Dailey and Michael Kidd put in great, memorable work, while the glorious Dolores Gray is practically a living Tex Avery cartoon. And it's designed in wide, wide CinemaScope. It's Always Fair Weather Blu-ray Warner Archive Collection 1955 / Color / 2:55 widescreen / 102 min. / Street Date November, 2016 / available through the WBshop / 21.99 Starring Gene Kelly, Dan Dailey, Cyd Charisse, Dolores Gray, Michael Kidd Cinematography Robert Bronner Art Direction Cedric Gibbons, Arthur Lonergan Film Editor Adrienne Fazan Original Music André Previn Written by Betty Comden & Adolph Green Produced by Arthur Freed, Roger Edens Directed & Choreographed by Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Back in the late 1980s, I first became aware of the future of home video when Criterion introduced
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Review: "Johnny Angel" (1945) Starring George Raft; Warner Archive DVD Release

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By John M. Whalen

It’s night and a ship moves in the water through a dark curtain of fog. We see George Raft as Captain Johnny Angel on the bridge peering out into the pea soup as another vessel looms ahead suddenly in the darkness, abandoned and drifting in the water. Raft sounds the foghorn but there’s no response. He boards the derelict with several of his crew to search for clues as to what happened. They go below to the captain’s quarters and finds it wrecked. A picture lies on a desk in a shattered frame. Raft picks it up and we see it is a picture of him as a younger man standing next to an older one. A crew member enters the cabin and says there is blood below, and water in the hold, but no signs of life.

“Maybe your father’s okay,
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R.I.P. Ann Rutherford of Gone With The Wind and the Andy Hardy series

The Associated Press is reporting the death of Ann Rutherford, the actress perhaps best known for playing Mickey Rooney's beleaguered best girl in the Andy Hardy movie series and her role as Scarlett O'Hara's younger sister in Gone With The Wind. She was 94.  Rutherford began acting in the 1930s, co-starring in several early Westerns alongside Gene Autry and John Wayne before being signed as an MGM contract player. It was there she had roles in 1938's A Christmas Carol and 1940's Pride And Prejudice, but her greatest early success came with her casting as ...
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Ann Rutherford obituary

Hollywood actor best known for the Hardy family films and her role as Careen, Scarlett O'Hara's sister, in Gone With the Wind

Ann Rutherford, who has died aged 94, was adept at portraying pluck and persistence. As Polly Benedict, Andy Hardy's ever-faithful girlfriend, in 13 of the 15 Hardy family film series made between 1937 and 1946, she had to wait around for Mickey Rooney's accident-prone adolescent to return to her after some dalliance with another girl. Andy would seek advice on romance from his stern but wise and fair father, Judge Hardy (Lewis Stone). "Dad, can I talk to you man to man? Can a guy be in love with two girls at once?" Inevitably, Andy would realise, with hints from his dad, that Polly was his own true love.

The Hardy series, one of the most popular in screen history, was the archetypal idealisation of small-town America and apple-pie family values, with
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Previewing All 45 Animated Shorts Longlisted for Oscar 2012

Last year I previewed all 33 of the Oscar qualifying animated shorts that were up for consideration for the Academy Awards and this year I have 12 additional shorts to consider and I have found either the full short, a clip, a trailer or an image from all but two of the contending shorts and put them together in this one article. These shorts have all been screened for members of the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences who will soon vote on the ultimate short list that will be in contention for an Oscar nomination. Last year ten films made the list. Take a look over the next eight pages and see which ones stand out to you. There are a few instances where you may have to click a link to watch a clip and, in one instance, to watch the entire film.
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Holiday Movies: What's on Today? (12/10/10)

When Angels Come to Town (Wacky Wonderland)

Hallmark, 4 Pm Et

The third time’s the charm for angel Max (Peter Falk), who bungles his heavenly mission, not to mention shows up in drag.

A Christmas Carol (1938) (Comfort & Joy)

TCM, 8 Pm Et

Dickens' London miser Ebenezer Scrooge (Reginald Owen) meets the ghosts of Christmases past, present, and yet to come.

Fred Claus (Laughing All the Way)

TBS, 8 Pm Et

The yuletide season brings headaches for Santa Claus (Paul Giamatti), who bails out his ne'er-do-well brother Fred (Vince Vaughn) and puts him to work in his factory.

What else is showing this season? See our The 12 Flavors of Christmas - 2010 Holiday TV Movie Guide.

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Paul Giamatti | Peter Falk | Reginald Owen | Vince Vaughn | Fred Claus | When Angels Come to Town | A Christmas Carol
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Holiday Movies: What's on Tonight? (12/25/09)

A Christmas Carol (1938) (Comfort & Joy)

TCM, 9 Am Et

Dickens' London miser Ebenezer Scrooge (Reginald Owen) meets the ghosts of Christmases past, present, and yet to come.

Bad Santa (Marathon) (Laughing All the Way)

Spike, 9 Am though 11 Pm Et

Two criminals (Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox) disguise themselves as St. Nick and an elf to rob stores at Christmastime.

What else is showing this season? See the complete Holiday TV Movie Guide: The 12 Flavors of Christmas.

And if you're wondering what to buy the movie lovers on your shopping list, check out our Holiday Gifts store.

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Reginald Owen | Billy Bob Thornton | Tony Cox | A Christmas Carol | Bad Santa
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Robert Zemeckis Planning on Directing an Adaptation of The Nutcracker

According to Pajiba, Robert Zemeckis plans to follow up his take on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol with an adaptation of another classic Christmas story: E.T.A. Hoffman's 1816 novel The Nutcracker and the Mouse King.

Apparently, Zemeckis has plans to stick to the novel, rather than draw from the Tchiakovsky ballet performed to millions every year around Holiday time. The movie will be a period piece that tells the story of the Nutcracker's origins, including his relationship with the young girl Marie and his his battle with the seven-headed Mouse King.

Zemeckis has gone a little overboard with 3-D animation as of late, and The Nutcracker will be no exception. After hit-or-miss efforts with The Polar Express, Beowulf, and A Christmas Carol (which opened last week), we can only take a guess as to the quality of this next effort.

Still, we have to admit that the idea of a darker,
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Carrey Brings Christmas Chaos To London

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Carrey Brings Christmas Chaos To London
Jim Carrey, Colin Firth and Bob Hoskins switched on London's Christmas lights as thousands of people attempted to break the record to hold the world's biggest carol sing-a-long.

The Hollywood trio - who star in a new adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol - simultaneously switched on the British capital's festive illuminations at three different parts of the city centre on Tuesday.

Over 50,000 revellers flocked to see the stars do the honours, while 14,000 singers, led by opera legend Andrea Bocelli, tried to get into the Guinness Book of Records by staging the largest carol singing event in history.

And Carrey insisted he was honoured to be at the centre of the celebrations: "It feels great to be a part of all this tradition.

"I want to thank the people of Britain for the legacy of Charles Dickens and the chance to tell this story. This story couldn't be more important now - it's about the immorality of greed."

Jim Carrey and Robert Zemeckis Launch Disney's a Christmas Carol Train Tour

Robert Zemeckis is a leading force in cinematic innovation, and its evolution as an art form. With each new film he continues to push the boundaries of the medium. And that is certainly true with his upcoming holiday film Disney's a Christmas Carol, a high-tech 3D retelling of Charles Dickens' classic novel that utilizes the latest in motion capture technology. Starring Jim Carrey as Ebenezer Scrooge, as well as all three ghosts that came to visit him on that fateful Christmas Eve so long ago, this new take on the age old morality tale will fully delve into the darker depths of the source material, offering us a unique, never before seen perspective on screen. The film doesn't hit theaters until November 6th, but those eager to get a taste of this upcoming holiday treat are in luck.

In an unprecedented move, Disney is bringing Christmas home a little early this year.
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