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Ann Sothern: Garda Sloane


  • Garda Sloane : What's the matter?

    Joel Sloane : Come down here. Stick out your tongue.

    Garda Sloane : All of it? Oh, Doctor...

    Joel Sloane : Just as I thought.

    Garda Sloane : Don't you want to examine me? I have some very nice symptoms...

  • Garda Sloane : Don't you ever find a middle-aged, unattractive suspect?

    Joel Sloane : They're just facts in a case to me, Garda. I don't see them as girls. A detective's first thought must be of his case.

    Garda Sloane : It's that second thought that worries me.

  • Garda Sloane : Come on, dear. You've got to get dressed.

    Joel Sloane : Dressed for what?

    Garda Sloane : Ah, well, you wouldn't want to get buried in that suit, would you?

  • Joel Sloane : [Leaving]  look, Darling, you order something. I'll be right back. I've got to see the manager. He distinctly promised me a room overlooking the ocean.

    Garda Sloane : But this one overlooks the ocean.

    Joel Sloane : But I don't like this ocean.

    [He leaves] 

    Garda Sloane : [the Bellboy chuckles]  What's funny?

    Brash Bellboy : Nothing... only the last place I worked was an insane asylum. I was hoping this'd be a little different.

  • Joel Sloane : [In their crowded hotel suite]  Darling, do you think a rumor I have leprosy would get some of our guests to leave?

    Garda Sloane : As far as I'm conccerned, it's more than a rumor.

  • Garda Sloane : [Finding a tape measure that she suspects will be used on the beauty pageant candidates]  And what were you going to measure with this, Mr. Sloane?

    Joel Sloane : High tide.

  • Garda Sloane : Darling, do you think they'll go on with the pageant despite all this dreadful business?

    Joel Sloane : I hope so.

    Garda Sloane : You would, you and your tape measure.

  • Master of Ceremonies : Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It's now my privilege to introduce, Miss Florabelle Higgins, Miss Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    Garda Sloane : She ought to be Miss Tulsa. She's built like an oil well.

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