The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) Poster

Thomas Mitchell: Clopin



  • Clopin : Try to take a purse out of that pocket, but if one single bell jingles, you fail.

    Gringoire : And then?

    Clopin : And then you hang!

    Gringoire : [pondering for a moment]  Can you do it?

    Clopin : I'm above that sort of thing. I cut throats. I don't cut purses.

  • Clopin : [to Gringoire immediately following flogging of Quasimodo]  Never trust a man with pinched nostrils and thin lips.

  • Clopin : We will now choose the King of Fools. Africans come forth. Men. Women. The ugliest face wins the crown. Ugly faces...! Ugly faces...!

  • Gringoire : [Reciting a poem during the Fools Day festivities]  You rest and live, and rest again. Beware you do not live in vain.

    Clopin : [Mocking and interrupting Gringoire... ]  And if you eat to much you will throw it up again!

    Gringoire : [as the mob breaks into raucous laughter]  You stupid, ignorant drunkard. I offer you truth!

    One of the mob : We don't want your truth!

  • Clopin : [while watching the whipping of Quasimodo, Clopin tells Gringoire that he too has been whipped]  Twice. Now I buy protection.

    Gringoire : From Who?

    Clopin : Nobility.

    Gringoire : The guardians of the old and holy tradition.

    Clopin : The very same. They buy it from the king, and sell it to those beneath them. It's quite alright. You see, after the war - and don't forget it lasted a hundred years - thousands of us went from door to door asking for honest work, and we were whipped for begging. The ruling class didn't say, Work or starve; they said, Starve, for you shall not work.

    Gringoire : And I starved.

    Clopin : Thousands did, until I organised the beggars guild.

    Gringoire : Of which I am beggar number 7419.

    Clopin : You needn't be ashamed. True we're not great thieves like nobles. Our robberies are petty compared to the wholesale plunder of the nation.

    Gringoire : I wonder if the moral difference isn't in our favour

    Clopin : Right. Some day you and I will write a book on the truth of beggary.

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